The Californication of Nevada Continues

The legislature has passed a bill to end private transfers in Nevada. They are already attacking the Governor on the issue. It is essentially backdoor registration. If you live in Nevada, call the Governor and demand he veto the bill.

6 Responses to “The Californication of Nevada Continues”

  1. DevsAdvocate says:

    How’d the Democrats take control of the legislature to pass this crap?

    • Richard says:


      • guy says:

        Ah, which makes this actual make some sense: “This ain’t Wisconsin,” Barber said during the event. “This is the South, where justice was hammered out.”

        I’m assuming he meant to say “hammered flat”

  2. Joe in Reno says:

    This is what we are dealing with. Justin Jones is a 1st term state senator. Normally they aren’t allowed to get out of line by their party. What he did here is pretty much unprecedented until you look at his endorsements which also mirror his $$$. add in the at least $800,000 the Blooming Madman threw at this issue it’s remarkable we did as well as we have in trying to stop this.

    Endorsed by:

    United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
    State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford
    Barbara Buckley, Former Speaker of the Nevada Assembly
    County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani
    Nevada State Senate Democratic Caucus
    Seniors United
    Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
    Nevada Faculty Alliance
    IBEW Local 357
    Nevada Conservation League
    Las Vegas Police Protective Association
    Southern Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs
    Professional Fire Firefighters of Nevada
    Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers
    Asian American Group
    Las Vegas Sun
    Nevada State Education Association
    Sierra Club
    SEIU Local 1107
    Culinary Workers Local 226
    Hispanics in Politics
    Latino BizPAC (Latin Chamber of Commerce)
    Si Se Puede Latino Democratic Club
    Clark County Democratic Black Caucus
    Nevada Conservation League
    Nevada Justice Association
    Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans
    Retired Public Employees of Nevada
    AFSCME Local 4041

    All are about as left as you can get(although a lot of their members aren’t. In addition he is getting a lot of support from the LDS church, which as a whole has moved moderately left world wide and seems to back any church member regardless of their political social or moral views. For instance that pos Harry Dirt.

    Unfortunately, there is probably little we can do to turn the slide in Kalifornication around. The shift to a socialist blue state is pretty much irreversible short of all out war. Nevada is just shy of 3 million and Clark county/Las Vegas has about 2 million of that. A huge number of which are the free shit army, immigrants from south of the border, and S. Kali. Vegas makes more sense if you consider it a suburb of Los Angeles. No matter how conservative the rest of the state is we are just pushed aside by sheer numbers and $$$.. I expect after the next election the descent into a blue state will get rapidly worse and it won’t be a decent place to live anymore.

  3. Jerry says:

    Also we have seen heavy spending and advertising by MAIG and OFA, both of which have been promoting spam campaigns to the governor since this came out of the assembly.
    They put the “mental health” element of SB221 into SB38 in an attempt to promote employers to check an empoyee’s background with the state repository (our gun background check contact point) and the FBI.
    I read the bills and do not see any recourse for the individual to check or correct information in their file. But since the government doesn’t make mistakes, what could go wrong?

    I can only vow to do what I can to make sure the Bloomberg purchases do not get re-elected. But with the economy still in the tank and with the state going commie on us, I may have to immigrate back to SE New Mexico or Texas just to put food on the table. I was an oil-field refugee after the EPA destroyed the oil industry in ’85 and precipitated the saving and loan “crisis” of ’86 – ’89. And now government meddling may be forcing me back, how’s that for what comes around goes around.

  4. Felix says:

    I live in California and lived in Nevada for a couple of years (Reno area). It is chock full of ex-Californians who claim they moved to Nevada to get away from the government, yet live as close to the state line as possible, do a ton of shopping in California, and generally are scared to death fo actually live in Nevada. They love to rant about the casinos controllng the state, which used to be truer than it is now, since so many Indian casinos in California have begun sucking away their life blood.

    The end result is faux-Nevadans who haven’t shed their California attitudes and Nevada casinos which are sucking up to California more desperately than ever.

    I heard a few times that most Nevadans would rather be in the Mountain time zone like all the states aroud them except California, but the casinos want California time to avoid confusing the California tourists. A time zone split would be a real nusiance around Tahoe, though, so it may just be sour grapes. But it is indicative of what Nevadans think of California, a real split personality.