GOP Strategist Behind Bloomberg Ads?

I’m not too surprised by this: A GOP strategist is behind some of the Bloomberg ads. My guess is that some in the GOP establishment see this as an opportunity to weaken some key Democrats with their base. I think this strategist makes the mistake of believing there’s a strong movement for gun control among southern Democrats. I think this will tend to help Pryor rather than hurting him, and even Toomey is going to have base troubles because of the deal he made with Manchin. There are still Republicans out there that still think gun control can be a winner.

One thought on “GOP Strategist Behind Bloomberg Ads?”

  1. I’ve had a theory for a long time that gun owners are a “legacy” constituency for the Republican Party, who are a pain in the ass they can’t wait to be rid of, so they can get down to their real agendas.

    Of course, that could have changed since BHO has been in office, and our short-term value may be more apparent, but I always suspect it is in the background, somewhere.

    At the most basic level I believe that anyone who seeks to rule is in favor of unarmed citizens, because no ruler can long tolerate people having a viable means of saying “no” to them. And the Republican Party clearly seeks to rule, as much as anyone.

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