More Court Challenges

The Connecticut gun control package is going to be challenged in Court. It’s not just Connecticut, but Maryland too. I don’t honestly have much faith in the Courts to do the correct thing in these cases, but circumstances would seem to have forced the issue front and center. I’ve mentioned before, I feel much more comfortable with SAF’s strategy of carefully pressing issues one-by-one, but it’s not clear whether a carry case is going to reach the Supreme Court, given they’ve turned down cert from two appeals in two circuits now, and now Illinois is changing its law.

6 thoughts on “More Court Challenges”

  1. Is this the same SAF that we’ve decided not to support? If not SAF, who gets our checks to support Gura’s work?

    1. I’ll get over my anger over Toomey-Manchin with SAF at some point. But have you seen SAF’s Form 990s? All of SAF’s legal activity amount to about 9% of their total revenue. They spent about 3x that amount on fundraising. I also think SAF could stand to improve their score on Charity Navigator.

  2. I have a hard time reconciling the SAF stats with the begging they recently did for more contributions.

    What are they smoking? 9% – oh boy, time to find another way of funding Gura.

    1. Well, I think Alan Gura has more to say about who funds him than we do. I think SAF is doing good work there. What I’m saying is that the overall amount of money SAF spends on legal matters isn’t that great, and I doubt that my anger over Toomey-Manchin necessarily jeopardizes SAF’s legal funding. They have a lot of room to find money from other areas if they need to. They won’t need to, because Alan Gottlieb is a fundraising machine, no matter what I might say about their role on Toomey-Manchin. I just can’t in good conscience help promote them as long as that deal is haunting us in Congress, which it will for some time.

  3. Maryland Shall Issue has already gone to court – along with some other state groups – to force the state police to process background check paperwork on time. Right now the backup for you to even buy a gun – months before any new laws go into effect – is over two months. We’re talking about NICS + state checks taking two months! That is unconstitutional and unacceptable.

    And we haven’t even gotten to the new laws yet…

    1. And by “we haven’t gotten to the new laws yet” I mean quite simply that this current suit is based on current law. There are a lot of people looking to take on the new laws when they go into effect. Nobody is ignoring them.

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