Gun Bills Pass in New Jersey


This afternoon, the New Jersey Assembly passed 4 gun bills, as follows:

A3797(Requires NJ State Police to disclose confidential ATF trace data in violation of federal law). This bill now moves to the Governor’s desk.

A3796(Reopens “assault” firearms compliance window for only 180 days; fails to allow compliance for prohibited magazines and ammunition).  This bill now moves to the Governor’s desk.

A3583(Creates school security task force). This bill now moves to the Governor’s desk.

A3717(Submits mental health records to NICS – no stated requirement of due process).  This bill was amended today and will have to be reconsidered by the full Senate (next scheduled meeting is currently May 30th).

Major state house activity is not anticipated until the next full Senate floor vote.

Additional updates and action alerts will be forthcoming.

Is that it? If that’s it, you guys got off a lot lighter than I would have figured.

6 thoughts on “Gun Bills Pass in New Jersey”

  1. That’s only the first batch, there will be more coming at some point. Christie is so far ahead he can veto these and anything else and still beat Sen Buono by 20+ points. The question is, will he? He has national ambitions, or at least a cushy cable ‘news’ channel show like Mike Huckabee as a goal.

  2. I hope the .50 cal ban doesn’t pass… I really don’t have any want or need an 82A1, but I’ll have to buy one before it takes effecdt because, “f*ck you”. And $9000 is a lot of spite…

  3. That is assuming that Christie wants to veto gun control. I will only be convinced if he actually does it. The one contrary to Federal law would seem to be low hanging fruit.

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