Top Five Guns for $600 Million

Kevin notes that with so many folks talking about the $600 million lottery jackpot tonight, it’s a great day to dream. With that in mind, he asks people about the top 5 guns they would buy if they woke up discovering they managed to be that 1 in 175 million odds winner.

What would you guys buy?

I can’t really make a list since my primary motivation for buying guns is whether or not they are “pretty.” Chances are that you’d find me at some gun auctions looking for crazy beautiful antiques. Oh, and I’d get a Browning Cynergy since I have always considered that a lovely shotgun. It might take me a while to get around to shooting it since I’d be quite content to simply admire it. Ask Sebastian, my first stop at any NRA Annual Meeting is to go admire the Cynergy wall at the Browning booth.

32 thoughts on “Top Five Guns for $600 Million”

  1. I’ve thought about this a bit with the past PowerBall and MegaMillions jackpots. I haven’t really thought about which guns I’d buy.

    However, I’ve always thought that if I won it, I’d take half the money and set up a non-profit foundation. One of the goals of the foundation would be support for the Second Amendment. It would be a pro-gun alternative to the Joyce Foundation.

    Now to the guns: one that I’d buy would be a Cabot Arms 1911. I handled one in St. Louis at last year’s NRA show and they are things of beauty. It is hard to imagine a firearm coming with an engineering report showing its tolerances and variances but the Cabot 1911 comes with it.

    Now I’m off to buy my tickets!

    1. “I’d take half the money and set up a non-profit foundation. One of the goals of the foundation would be support for the Second Amendment. It would be a pro-gun alternative to the Joyce Foundation.”

      There’s a really good 501(c)3 that does that: NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund.

  2. my first would be a Maduece, then an m60, just because. I have a soft spot in my heart for colt, so maybe a le901, then another gold cup, can’t have the one in the safe be lonely. Then a nice side by side shotie, custom probably english.

  3. What I *didn’t* write about is the all-expenses paid Gunblogger Shootout to end all Gunblogger Shootouts I’d throw if I won.

    Ya’ll better be praying to $DIETY that I win. :)

  4. Hmmm…

    Any gun?

    Vera (From Firefly)

    Mal’s gun (From Firefly)

    Abomination (From MHI)(“You can have my full auto shotgun when you pry it from my cold dead hands!”)

    A 1908 Colt Pocket hammerless enlarged into a double stacked .45 (From Hard Magic)

    A bullpup BAR (From Hard Magic)


    Also I would like two LCPs and a cat sized double shoulder holster because that would be epic on my cat.

  5. I lean toward your thinking Bitter. Were I Lotto fortuitous, I’d have finely finished walnut and deeply blued steel everywhere. Firearms so beautiful, so finely crafted, and so elegant, that most people would mistake them for fine furniture.

    I’d probably start with an old Beretta caressed by Circassian.

  6. Any? At least a twin BoFors mount, but I’ll settle for a single if necessary.

  7. $600 million, huh? Since I could afford to feed them with that much money, my top 5 is all full-auto, suppressed stuff: Uzi, M16, MP5, Beretta 93R, Glock 18.

  8. Looking at my ticket and thinking about my gun safe…

    1. an English made double rifle, a big old Nitro Express of some kind
    2. a Pennsylvania Rifle flintlock built by a custom craftsman
    3. an original 1861 or 1864 Springfield musket
    4. another CZ-75 so I could have some videogame-style Dual Wielding Action ©
    5. a Marlin 795 Liberty Training Rifle

  9. An original contract Thompson SMG

    An MG-42

    88mm flak gun

    M1A1 tank or a running German Mk IV panzer

    A PT boat, or the Brit or German equivalent

  10. Colt Single Action Army, nickel plated, real ivory grips, bullseye ejector rod and chambered in .44 Special.

  11. I’d buy a LOT of Stock in Firearms Companies and say “As Majority Owner of —— Firearms , you will now make the Following for Me….”

  12. But the SMART thing to do would be to buy up an Ammunition Company or Two.

    Then I’d BAN ALL Sales to the Federal Government, and the State and Local Governments of New York State, Colorado, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Kalifornia….

  13. Ooooo, I’ll second that PT boat. Forget an original, just have one made from scratch.

  14. A tricked out 1911 would be nice, and I don’t even know what manufacturer because I’ve never had enough money to even start looking into that sort of thing. Since I’d be able to afford ammunition for it, putting rounds through an M60 again would be fun. Mostly though I’d spend a big chunk of it tracking down the complete stranger my imbecile brother gave my grandfather’s damascus barrel shotgun to and pay him whatever it took to get it back. Grandpa was a practical man so I’m sure it was a purely functional weapon with little monetary value, but it sure would look right hanging over my mantle. Oh, and I’d buy a house with a mantle.

  15. Since I could afford to feed it, an M2. (and a house, on some acreage, with a tower to mount it on)

  16. I would buy as many Barrett .50s and AR-15s and their ammo as I could and arm my friends and neighbors in a local “unorganized” militia that would be at the service of our State Governor and County Sheriff, and them ONLY (a lá South Carolina’s new and wonderful unorganized militia bill)!

    Oh, how I’ve dreamed of doing that! But alas, I never play lotteries. But I do dream!

    1. “at the service of our State Governor and County Sheriff”

      Why would you trust them? I’d prefer to have enough guns that they would be at my service.

      1. Good point! That said, common defense does require a common authority. If I ever feel I cannot trust the constitutionally established sovereign authority of my elected State Governor or County Sheriff, I will move to a State where I can (such as Oklahoma, and evidently, South Carolina!).

  17. How about:
    Smith and Wesson Registered Magnum
    An original Henry repeating rifle
    A Colt Single Action Army first editiion
    John Browning’s personal 1911


    Jim Corbett’s .450/.500 NE double rifle (I believe it can be seen at Cabela’s Boise)

  18. An tank, defiantly a tank, fully functional :-)
    A Thompson SMG
    A Barret 50BMG
    Mp 40 Schmeisser

    And a pallet (or two) of ammo for each one……..

  19. Ah, I see Bitter has the same criteria for gun lust as I do! XD-9, AR-15, shotgun, 10/22, and rendezvous-style flintlock. Maybe I’d get a SASS-style lever action, again just for fun. Wooden stock, of course.

  20. Oh, my! What a question! 1st, an AR-15, with every “Barbie Doll” trim that I could get my hands on. And then an AR-22, just for the fun of it!

    Then an Uzi.

    Then, a whole lot of acres so that I could shoot them whenever I wanted.

    Then, a lot of those “little pretties” that I see on the floor at the NRA annual convention — you know, the ones that are distinctly “women’s pistols.” They may not have lots of firepower, but there are some now that are just so pretty. And I’d give them away to all of my girlfriends, like lipstick samples.

    We all have fantasies. :-)

  21. 1. A vintage Thompson submachine gun. (There’s a gun shop near me that has a Michigan State Police marked Thompson.)
    2. A nice S&W Registered Magnum.
    3. A pre-war, pre-64 Model 70 in .270 Winchester.
    4. I’d buy a decent 1911 as a base gun and pay a good gunsmith to customize it for me. I’m thinking one of the S&W 1911s modified along the lines of the Gunsite Service Pistol; that is, if I couldn’t find one already pre-modified. (I know Gunsite used to sell the S&W 1911 GSP, but I don’t see it on their website currently.)
    5. A nice S&W Model 17 (or pre-model number K-22 Masterpiece). A really nice one. Not for me; for my nephew.

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