I am on OFA’s mailing list, and it’s amazing how much they enjoy scolding people for not supporting Obama’s agenda.

The first email I received yesterday reminded me that they would consider it to be a huge shame if I did not sign their petition. They said that yesterday, “The gun lobby is pretty happy with itself.” Yup, I have to admit that the many, many individual Americans who were at the NRA convention were happy that 86,228 members showed up to stand up for our rights.

Shortly after that email landed in my inbox, they sent another reminding me that I haven’t signed their petition yet.

I do find it interesting to see the kind of language that OFA supporters appear to respond to when it comes to action. As over-the-top as NRA can sometimes be in order to motivate some on our side of the issue, I can’t fathom that this style of language would encourage our base to act.

9 thoughts on “Shame!”

  1. Shame! Why didn’t you sign the petition? How many children do you want to die?

    Yeah the worlds worse fund raising message from NRA is definitely not as off the rails as that one.

  2. Something tells me that as many times as they are sending you and likely a lot of other people such hounding e-mails are not very effective at all.

  3. I get the same emails form those jokers…I would say they’ve got alot of audacity.
    The latest was this:

    Friend —

    In a few hours, we’re sending OFA’s petition to reduce gun violence to the printers.

    Every name that’s on that list is going to send a message to Congress that we’re here, we’re organized, we’re paying attention, and we’re not going to let them off the hook for failing to act to prevent gun violence.

    According to our records, you haven’t added your name:

    — Petition status: Unsigned
    — Suggested action: Add your name here

    Your name should be on it — don’t let this petition get sent to Congress without you taking action yourself.

    Sign it now:


  4. I wonder how many of these OFA “supporters” are pro-rights types keeping an eye on them like Bitter and Mjonir.

  5. while I appreciate being on their list to keep an eye on them, don’t you worry they might just start adding your name to petitions without your consent?

    1. Yeah, the way things are going I knda am worried they’ll add my name regardless…that does bother me a bit, but at least i’m not donating any money to them =)

    2. I’m not that concerned about it. I probably should have “signed” this one. If my Congressman’s office gets a list of names and randomly looks up the name I’m on OFA’s list as, they’d see there are no registered voters by that name in this county. It would actually undermine the effort.

      The other factor is that by publicizing the number, they actually highlight that in a best case scenario, only slightly more than a third of their coalition cares enough about gun control to even sign a petition online. Some reports say that OFA transferred 4 million email addresses from the campaign to themselves. That puts the participation rate in the online petition at 35%, assuming that they didn’t grow their email list at all. Other reports indicate that the campaign email list numbered closer to 16-17 million. If those estimates are true, then that means only 8-9% care enough to click a button that “signs” their name.

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