The NRA Meeting Protest

Congratulations, Houston. You managed to turn out more protesters than any city since 2004, save Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for your political agenda, that turnout was still under 40 people.

We overheard many conflicting messages. For example, there’s the man who says that it’s okay to own a two-round firearm for hunting only. Turn to the right, and you find this sign at the rally:


After that conflicting message, one of the protesters pondered why we can’t manage to find a middle ground. Gee, I wonder why. (Said protester also wanted to know why we couldn’t have a conversation, then he accused me of being a Westboro Baptist Church supporter for being pro-gun. This is why there is no conversation.)

These folks said they they didn’t want to take our guns, just promote more regulation. Well, call me paranoid, but when your messaging is that my next firearm purchase (even with a background check) is somehow to blame for death, I don’t have much faith that you’re being honest about being willing to stop at background checks.


Last night, an anti-gun group on Twitter was proclaiming a “WORLD RECORD” protest because someone stuck around for a couple of hours and read lots of names of crime victims. Somehow, I don’t think it set any real record, nor do I think Guiness will be calling them anytime soon.


For the people who claim they all in favor of outright democracy and rule of the majority, there was a common theme that they could not understand the concept that they were simply outvoted. It’s not possible for them to wrap their heads around the notion that not everyone agrees with their world view, so it must be all due to money.

And, finally, this woman says that her precious snowflake is more important than any of your civil rights.


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  1. People like Snowflake’s mom really grind me. Claiming their little unicorn-universe fantasy of safety should prevent me from being able to physically defend my children and grandchildren just about lowers them to the level of the cretins who would actually harm my kids. It’s these people whose actions unlock the gates to let the wolves into the fold.

    1. My first thought when I saw that sign was, “My Kids’ safety trumps your ‘right’ to feel good stupidity.”

  2. Why an axe? Does he just not understand the characterization of Death?

  3. Well, Houston is the most anti-gun city in Texas. There have been several times the state has had to be quite forceful with Houston in order to get them to comply with state laws protecting gun owners.

    1. Worse than Austin? I have no personal knowledge, but would never have guessed that!

      1. Well, Austin (as the saying goes) is weird. The hippies there can tend to be pro-gun. An example is a story related to me. A guy was selling an SKS to someone and met them at their place in Austin. It turned out to be a commune. The transaction quickly turned into a mini gun show as everybody decided to show off their favorite gun show.
        Houston’s politics have been badly influenced by the entitlement/social justice crowd that infects many cities with large poor areas. It got worse after a large number of Hurricane Katrina evacuees settled there.

  4. You know, you’d think that if their claim that 90% of voters support expanded background checks were true, they’d easily be able to get a crowd measured in the 100’s.

    Heck, the population of Houston alone is 2.1 million. If only 0.1% of that 90% cared enough to protest, they should have a crowd of over 18,000 people. Yet they don’t even seem to be able to break 100.

  5. It took ten years, but I convinced my wife that part of the plan for protecting the safety of our children should be knowing how to use a firearm. The ‘Mother’s Bill of Rights’ was already written into the Bill of Rights.

    We can defend our children, we can teach them in the manner we see fit, we can do many things already. All that we have to do to ensure freedom and safety is continue to ensure that there are no infringements by those like the gal in the picture with the ‘Mother’s Bill of Rights’.

    –Matt R.

  6. We barely noticed any protesters today. It was pretty much a complete failure on their part. The convention had well over 60,000 attendees over the weekend.

    1. If you didn’t notice any today, that is because there was no protest scheduled. The protest was yesterday.

      The 60k estimate is exceptionally low based on recent years and the unprecedented growth of the organization. Based on what we have heard, the official report tomorrow, I’m estimating 80-82k. Sebastian thinks possibly upwards of 86k.

      1. I was there on Saturday, and saw a couple of news trucks (NBC and Channel 13), a couple of Lyndon LaRouche disciples on the street directly in front of GRB, and about five protestors in Discovery Green across the street (where these photos were taken). That was all.

  7. PETA – which kills thousands of abandoned pets a year without making any effort to find them new homes – is distributing pre-printed signs to chastise others about killing animals? That’s rich.

    1. Just had my first successful turkey hunt and it was delicious. I put in a lot more work and had a lot more respect for the bird than if I had a Butterball bought from the supermarket. Exactly how are these different PETA? Go eat your veggie tofu and allow me to use my incisor teeth for what they were designed for. We’re omnivores, get used to it.

  8. If that is the park I think it is, the right across the GRB, you have to be actually in the park to see it. The designer has put up trees and hills that make it difficult to see in and out. You also don’t have to walk through the park to get to any of the entrances to the convention center. I’m not surprised you didn’t see anyone. Its more probable that you would see the pan handlers out.

  9. I actually got one of the protesters to answer a question. It only took a few minutes for him to peel off his spiel first though then his handler stopped the conversation.

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