No Tragedy Unfit for Exploitation

Bloomberg and Menino capitalize on the Boston Bombing to promote their anti-gun political agenda. Quotes Glenn Reynolds saying:

Reynolds said people can be placed on terror watch lists without evidence, based on suspicions, saying, “It hasn’t been adjudicated … the government doesn’t take its own list seriously enough to keep track of the people on it when foreign governments call attention to them. Why should we believe it’s solid enough to take away people’s rights?”

“Menino and Bloomberg should be ashamed,” 
Reynolds added.

Apparently the serial number had been obliterated on the bomber’s pistol. That’s usually a pretty strong indication it was obtained from black market sources. Those guys don’t do background checks. The brothers also could have done the obliterating themselves. It should be noted that obliterating a gun’s serial number is a violation of federal law, and most states have laws against it as well. And they wonder why we say gun control doesn’t work? I’m sure everyone is comforted that they can add that charge onto the laundry list the remaining bomber will be facing.

One thought on “No Tragedy Unfit for Exploitation”

  1. Ok, I can understand putting someone suspected of being a terrorist on a watch list to focus additional scrutiny on what they do and to try to find evidence to prove they are in fact a threat, but nobody’s rights should be restricted based on an accusation that has not been proven in a court of law.

    That to me is where this crosses the line.

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