Tom Knapp Passes

Courtesy of Exurban Kevin, I just noticed that Tom Knapp passed away today.

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  1. Exurbankevin says:

    He was known for his skill with a shotgun, but he was pretty good with a rifle, too. Here he is re-creating Jimmy Stewart’s (actually Herb Parsons’) shot from Winchester ’73.

  2. Monte says:

    So sad to see him go. I’d always enjoyed watching him (I’d only seen him on TV). He had an entertaining personality to go with his amazing shooting skills.

    A quick search shows that he had apparently lost his 20 year Benelli sponsorship, when he had to cancel his tour, because of health problems back in 2010. And that he also apparently retired recently (pdf).

    His site still says, “A true living legend…” =(

  3. Jim Rossman says:

    I have know Tom for many years
    When my 32 year old son finished gun safety at age 14 Tom had us over for a private show. He even had us both shoot playing cards in half with 22’s.
    Not to mention his wedding redemption, my father in-laws 70 birthday party and the time we spent at Swift Lake MN. My in-laws even took him in as a young man when he needed a place to stay.

    He will be missed very much by the Lagan family myself, my children and many others who always cared for him.

  4. Jim Rossman says:

    In my post I made few typo’s
    My son is now 33 and I meant to say his wedding reception.
    He will be missed. My wife Patrice and siblings have always though of him as part of the family.

  5. Jim Rossman says:

    I wanted to share an e-mail from Tom received last November:

    Jim & Pat it’s Tom Knapp,

    Glad to see you guys having fun! I finally reached the time in my life
    to do the same. I have been totally consumed in our family affairs and
    our new property up north at Federal Dam. The cabin is done (for the
    most part) and I’m moved in and hunting both deer seasons. Colleen got
    her first antlered deer this year and the G-Boys did real good near
    their home in Zimmerman too. Since I took control of my work schedule, I
    have more than half the year to spend with the family. Had a very good
    walleye season this past May & June too.

    Keep having all the fun you can! Doesn’t take long to reach the age
    where you can’t!

    Best Regards, Tom Knapp

  6. Adam Crowson says:

    Can’t remember the date but when last year a little child named Web was born with a hole in his heart and the family was going through a lot he helped them raise money to help them with food, bills, cost of gas. Web is now home.

    • Jim Rossman says:

      I remember Tom telling about the charity for children in need over a Cunupper at Broadway bar and Pizza in Elk River.
      He did touch a lot of lives and always lived it to the fullest.

  7. Dave Monahan says:

    Another wonderful showman has left us.

    Happy heaven hunting Tom. Go and get together with Herb, and our friend Lynn (Doc) Parsons, and do some shooting.

    Sad day for us on earth. You will be missed.

  8. Tommy says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Tom numerous times at several Shot Shows and as a Benelli dealer hosted a exhibition for Tom in 2009 . Two older coulples had driven over an hour to see him and had gotten the time mixed up on his show and did not get there in time for the show. I told Tom and he invited them to sit down (after two shows in 90 degree temps) and talked with them for at-least 30 minutes, when they left it was like they were old friends. Tom was a top notch shooter, performer and person in general and I will never forget his visit and the looks on the crowd as he amazed them with his shooting skills.
    Happy Hunting Tom you will be missed.

  9. Don Kinney says:

    Even if they do not know his name viewers will forever remember his proficiency and marksmanship. His soft spoken demeanor and modest presence belies the strength of his character. I am sad that I never got to see him perform. Our sympathy to the families of this fine gentleman. He will forever be an icon to the sport and will be greatly missed. Don and Martha Kinney -San Diego.

  10. We enjoyed many, many of Tom’s shows here at Rice Creek. He brought so many people in to our gun fairs for many years. Thanks for the memories, Tom. We will miss you.

  11. Don Mulhall says:

    I first met Tom at his brothers home in MT. we were hunting prairie dogs east of Roundup. We had the pleasure of his company on that trip. He was a fine gentelman ,I never tired of his tales of his hunting and shooting trips.We are diminished.

  12. Jack Christnovich says:

    Had the pleasure of working with Tom through Champion products, and the honor of being invited to shoot doves with him in Argentina. Shooting near Tom, I found myself dodging a few fallen birds, until one struck my shoulder. Then I heard Tom’s trademark deep chuckle of a laugh, as Tom exclaimed “Gotcha Jack”. Tom cares deeply for and will continue to watch over his family and his beloved grandkids from heaven.
    A truly great man that will be missed by many. Good hunting in heaven Tom, you’ll always be remembered friend.


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