New Technology

We have a new toy in the house. A Samgsung Galaxy Tab 2. This is actually Sebastian, trying to get used to the piddly little keyboard , and setting up WordPress for Bitter. We got this to act as a substitute for a laptop when we go to Houston next week for NRA Annual Meeting . Not a bad toy for the money, when you compare it to the cost of an iPad. I’m still sore Apple end of lifed the iPad 1 two years after I got it.

15 Responses to “New Technology”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Picked up a Toshiba for the same reason. Hope she likes it.

  2. Zermoid says:

    “end of lifed”??

    Does that mean no longer updated or no longer usable at all?

  3. Other Steve says:

    That’s nice.

  4. Andy says:

    Still using mine, right now in fact. I don’t really miss iOS 6 on it, as it gets used for lightweight things. I do get some app cashes, but not $700 worth to upgrade. Not yet. Wife has current gen, I admit it’s nice. But I’ll hold on for awhile.

    Not like I’m buying ammo.

  5. Right Wing Wacko says:

    Any particular reason you picked the TAB over the NOTE?

  6. beatbox says:

    No Nexus 10?

  7. Thomas says:

    wow, thats a big trip for you guys. Might want to bring a light jacket. Its been rather cool in the mornings here. Dont know if that will hold till next week though.

    • Bitter says:

      It’s a shorter trip than we took to the Phoenix NRA annual meeting. It’s not much farther than the St. Louis event last year. Thanks for the tip on the weather. Being the designated packer of all things SNBQ (except the guns and ammo, which is Sebastian’s responsibility to keep us under ammo weights & with appropriate locked cases), I do tend to double check before we leave even though I already have clothing selected (and at the dry cleaners, as needed). Now it’s just a matter of getting last minute items before pulling the bag out next week.

  8. Bitter says:

    For what it’s worth, I seem to be taking to the keyboard faster than he did.

  9. Bryan S. says:

    They have a spiffy keyboard doc that you can plug in a mouse to when you really need to get typing. The samsung OEM usb adapter sucks though, its too stiff and tends to lose connection, the $4 Chinese variants work a lot better and dont suffer from the same issue.

    I bought mine as a student edition bundle. Starting to regret not getting the 10″ note though.

  10. Alpheus says:

    I have an Asus Transformer Tablet that I really like, except that I don’t use the keyboard dock very much: I’m a Dvorak user, and a Dvorak keymap isn’t provided. I enjoy having a portable little device that can connect to the internet and do other interesting things.

    The biggest problem I have with it, though, is that I want to use it as a computer, not as a “tablet”, and rooting it is a rather arcane and scary proposition, that I have yet to find the time and courage to go through. I find it greatly annoying that I have this thing that has more computing power than the laptop I owned at the time I bought it, yet it that power was locked away from me!

    The second biggest problem I have with it, is that I discovered that I want something smaller, that can fit in my pocket. Thus, I’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Note II–the biggest smart phone on the market–and when I’m sufficiently comfortable financially, and build up enough courage to root the darn thing, I’ll probably buy it (or something like it…)

    Regardless, I’m amazed at how much computing power we could carry in our hands! And I really like having the touch interface.

    • Zermoid says:

      I’m waiting for the implanted computer chip that has a projected holographic screen and keyboard…….