Mass Shooting?

I’m surprised we’re just now hearing about this incident in Seattle. I would have thought they’d be in full on exploitation mode, but I guess since it’s not children, and the shooter used a Joe Biden approved weapon, it doesn’t help the narrative much. Of course, he does have a concealed weapons permit, so I suppose that helps their cause. Though, I’m pretty sure most standard training courses cover the license not giving you any permissions to shoot it out with police.

13 Responses to “Mass Shooting?”

  1. It wasn’t exactly Seattle but a bit further south. It’s actually a neighboring town from where I grew up and the wife has a high school friend that lives in that apartment complex.

    There’s a couple reasons you’re not seeing a lot of press on this. I think the biggest was he had a history of domestic violence but since the state always declined to prosecute nothing was done. There is a decent history but the state failed to do it’s job and this was the end result.

    This is a perfect example of no one wins. All sides of this suffer a nasty perception of failure. That said as he wasn’t convicted, there was no cause to suspend his rights. Though with the current addition of hindsight, it appears they should have gone after him and exercised the law revoking his permit among other consequences.

  2. fuzzy says:

    This had been popping up as the top news story on google news yesterday – then dissapearing completely for a while, then back up top. Initial reporting was that the police found him in the parking lot with gunshot wounds from earlier and they further perforated him when he tried to bring a weapon up on them (sounds an awful lot like gang/drug or something the police only came after to put up caution tape even if they did have to add some additional perforation to the fellow that was reporting as having been found already full of holes). The initial reports just didn’t fit the narrative to be worth of top billing.

  3. John A says:

    Selection, narrative, whatever. In another incident, two weeks ago a man went to a school and killed six kids and two adults before being killed by responding police. But it was in India, and he used an ax, so…

  4. Matthew Carberry says:

    And it happened at home and in part with a shotgun, both of which don’t really involve using his permit as part of the crime.

    It doesn’t fit the “shoot out over a parking space with an innocent stranger” narrative and I think we have beat up on the “concealed carry killers” nonsense with facts repeatedly enough that that has become a low-percentage play.

  5. Glenn Geiss says:

    Washington state doesn’t have training requirements for their concealed pistol license. Pass a bg check and pay the fee and wait a couple weeks. One of the better states for gun rights, so far. We even did shall issue back in 1961,well before Florida.

    • TigerStripe says:

      I wish Texas and Florida would at least go to Washington state’s requirements. All 50 states should be Constitutional Carry though. TS

      • Matthew Carberry says:

        That would be a step back. Washington is very stingy with reciprocity.

        • TigerStripe says:

          My statement was meant to praise the “entry” into legally carrying without regard to reciprocity. Texas and Florida both have an onerous process to acquire a permit and be able to use it with little hassle.

        • Drang says:

          Getting better. And still better than Oregon, FWIW.

    • Jesse says:

      You’re hitting on one of the reasons I’m trying to move there. As soon as I can find a job I’m out.