This’ll Play Well with the Coal Miners Back Home, I’m Sure

Manchin cutting deals to undermine Second Amendment rights aboard his yacht named “Black Tie,” while cruising the Potomac and boozing it up with RINOs. The 2018 Republican attack ads practically write themselves.

7 Responses to “This’ll Play Well with the Coal Miners Back Home, I’m Sure”

  1. TS says:

    Ah, the blue collar union worker’s dilemma: vote for Democrats who support your union, or Republicans who support your right to keep and bear arms? Since the Democrats have largely avoided gun control for the past decade, and Republicans have been going after the unions- it’s safe to say the pendulum is hanging somewhere near its left apex with plenty of potential to swing back hard to the right. And who have the gun controls banked on to make this happen? Senators from Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

  2. Drifter says:

    Don’t you mean 2016?

  3. Drifter says:

    Cool. Thanks for clarifying for the non-locals. I saw he was elected in 2010 and didn’t dig further.

    • Bitter says:

      Not sure why you think I’m a local to West Virginia since I live in Pennsylvania and have never at any time lived in West Virginia. I just pay attention.

  4. Drifter says:

    Sorry again. Last night’s all-nighter is clearly catching up to me. Where it clearly says “Manchin”, I read “Toomey.” Please forgive me.