A Common Phrase in the Media

Say Uncle takes a look at the media treatment of negligent discharge cases. I see this one often: “Investigators said the gun owner won’t face charges because he has a carry permit.” I’ve always kind of been baffled by that one too.

2 Responses to “A Common Phrase in the Media”

  1. Archer says:

    I’ve never seen authorities go easy on someone with a carry permit. Around here, they’re all over the license holders for their mishaps, and if they’re very, very lucky, they just lose their license.

    Case in point, wherein the gun gets worked loose from the holster while the owner is shifting around in an uncomfortable theater seat. He makes every reasonable effort to recover it, but some kids find it first (and follow the Eddie Eagle rules; thanks, NRA!). Now, he’s lost his CCW license, and last I heard was being charged with reckless endangerment. Plus, he has a dealer’s license, and if you think the ATF won’t hold this against him (regardless of what the article says), I’ve got a bridge to sell.

  2. dustydog says:

    Carry permit, and living in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Maryland, DC = very important person. Of course someone important enough to have a carry permit won’t face responsibility.

    Places that are really shall issue, negligent discharges don’t make the news unless someone gets hurt.