So Many Lies…

The district he represents will never be competitive, but I would still like to think that the constituents of Rep. Chakah Fattah’s district deserve better than being lied to about what the laws are surrounding gun sales in Pennsylvania.

It’s just such flagrant disrespect, especially to a crowd of seemingly older folks who he probably views as too passive to actually challenge his fact-challenged anti-gun rant.

7 Responses to “So Many Lies…”

  1. Rob Crawford says:

    What a pity. He was so entertaining when he was in “Land of the Lost”.

  2. Dave says:

    This guy is rambling idiot.

  3. Scott says:

    Man that guy made me mad….

  4. Zermoid says:

    Buying a handgun in PA has always required a background check unless the purchaser has a valid PA CWP, even before the federal instant check system.

  5. Billll says:

    The Stupid party is incapable of learning from other peoples examples. If a district is solidly blue, you find a pro-gun Dem and support him or her in the primary. Bloomberg bought 2 congressional seats this way, no reason we can’t do the same.

    • Andy B. says:

      Parties are not necessarily as stupid as you think. You are coming from the premise that ideology is important to them. In general, it isn’t. The candidate they prefer will be the one they are confident can deliver and will play ball on issues like patronage. That often, maybe always, goes as far as crossing party lines.

      What that means is that heavy party and business resources are going to go into a preferred party candidate in most cases. It is not impossible to challenge, certainly, but it also is not as easy as it seems if you assume you can mount a challenge “on the issues.” And unfortunately, the low-information partisan voter will usually follow what his or her familiar party poll-worker, and endorsed party literature, tells them to do.

      I’m not saying don’t try it, but I am saying don’t be delusional about how the system works.