Defensive Shooting in South Philly

While I don’t tend to cover defensive shootings (because they are man bites dog, to be honest), this one caught my eye:

Under Pennsylvania’s Castle Doctrine, Heng most likely will not be charged, since he was defending his property. Since the gun was inside of his home, he’s not required to have a permit.

I’d say when someone climbs through your bathroom window while your kids are sleeping, and you shoot them in a struggle, it’s not your property you’re defending. And does this also surmise that before Castle Doctrine, they would have charged this guy? I’d say good luck getting a jury to convict on those circumstances anywhere in this country, even in Philly or New York, castle doctrine or not. Though, in New York he’d certainly be facing weapons charges since the pistol would have, more likely than not, been illegal. That’s justice in Bloomberg’s town.

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