Saturday Night Update


Well, the good news is that we’re on to finishing touches of real work in our basement renovation – shelving, picking out carpet, and other room details before buying the furniture. The bad news is that this means we weren’t around to blog. Here are some highlights we missed today.

Banned magazine smuggler David Gregory is hosting a debate between Wayne LaPierre & Mike Bloomberg on Meet the Press in the morning.

The Senate voted in the early morning hours to ban the Obama Administration from signing onto the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Accused Underage Prostitute Solicitor & Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez thinks that voting to uphold the Second Amendment late at night is “irresponsible,” unlike his alleged late night activities with underaged girls.

Democratic leaders are complaining that their staffers who make $160k/year can’t afford to eat on Capitol Hill because of the sequester. Here’s a tip for those who are nearly destitute on more than $100k, on a very, very small fraction of that salary, even I could afford the Healthy Choice Turkey Breast sandwich at Congressional Liquor Store.

I’m sad to report that we accidentally participated in Earth Hour for at least a few minutes. See, Sebastian had to turn off the breaker to the basement so he can replace some plug faces that were black and clashed with our new color palette.

Obama’s weekly address was focused on gun control, including the gun ban that would likely cost his party any chance of winning outside of major urban areas for years.

Bloomberg is putting up $12 million to buy ads in pro-gun states promising that supporting legislation that will turn most gun owning families into felons won’t actually be a bad thing. The ads will supposedly run in Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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  1. Yeah, cause if anything is going to win my fellow Arkansans over to Bloomberg’s cause, it’s an ad campaign saying that the mayor of NYC knows what’s best for us.

    People here still hold grudges over The Late Unpleasantness.

    1. He’s not stupid, it won’t feature Bloomberg. Instead, it features an actor with a shotgun – with his finger on the trigger in an unsafe manner. I guess Bloomberg went to the Biden School of Self-Defense that says you should shoot randomly and wildly into the air and at backstops you don’t know to be safe.

      1. If you google map Biden’s house, his advice of shooting off the back porch would have him or Jill shooting towards the school that backs up this their property.

  2. I got a call from MAIG this morning. I basically told them we don’t support people who oppose freedom and hung up.

    1. Wrong. You keep them on the phone as long as you can. Ask them to send you information too. The more you can do to waste their time, the less time they have to make calls to other people. Oh, and if they send you a prepaid/metered envelop for a donation, just send the envelop back empty or put more than 6 sheets of junk mail in there (tips it over an oz and it cost more)

      Always engage these people.

      1. Dave said,

        Oh, and if they send you a prepaid/metered envelop for a donation, just send the envelop back empty or put more than 6 sheets of junk mail in there (tips it over an oz and it cost more)

        Dave, Dave, Dave,

        You poor sad amateur, you wrap a brick in brown paper and tape the envelope to the outside that can really rack up the postage…..

        Never send a letter when you an throw a brick thru their window….

        1. I haven’t tested it, but supposing you intend to drop your package in a mailbox, you may have to obey the current upper limit (13 oz.?) or I understand they won’t process it.

          Of course I guess you could take your wrapped brick into the post office and hand it to a clerk.

  3. Let the senate vote on the massive gun ban bill. I want these fools on record. There are 6 red state dems who would have to take a position on the bill. Those same 6 are up for reelection too.

  4. I hope Wayne asks Bloomberg how the NYPD is going to find 7 round magazines by April 15th. Then whips out a Big Gulp.

  5. On that Senate vote, every republican voted to protect the second amendment. The democrats, not so much. I think we should all keep that little fact in mind.

    1. “keep that little fact in mind”

      The thing to keep in mind is, what we need to do to keep things that way; not assume that an “R” behind a name allows us to assume an ally.

  6. Ads in Ohio? Let’s see. 2-3 Dems in the House, One Liberal Dem in the Senate, every other person in Congress is a Republican. The HOUSE SPEAKER IS FROM OHIO! And the State Supreme Court is 8-1 Republican, and the Chief Justice uses a 1911! Now just Tallying up the Votes, it looks like Bloomberg is just wasting his money.


  7. Not trying to be mean or anything, but am I the only one who’s never heard of turning off a breaker to replace an outlet cover?

    1. He didn’t replace just the covers. He replaced the outlets themselves – like taking the old ones out and rewiring them with new ones that actually match the room. But, perhaps we are overly cautious. If you enjoy handling live wires uncovered in your spare time, feel free.

      1. No, that makes tons more sense. I’ll tack it to poor comprehension on my part. You said “plug faces” and I read “outlet cover. My fault.

    2. I once had a fairly graphic lock-out/tag-out training (I can only presume that the IT dept where I was co-oping grew out of the facilities electrical dept. This was also the place I got the quick-and-dirty course on what to do with a chemical spill; namely walk, don’t run to the nearest phone and call someone certified in deploying the spill dams). I won’t kill mains power, but I will kill the circuit before changing outlet covers. It takes an extra couple of minutes (the circuits are well-labeled), but a) I have cats, and b) why take the chance?

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