Why We Can’t Get Lazy

For every headline that reads “NRA fundraising best in decade”, Bloomberg cuts a check that is pittance to him. And yet, he still outraises all of us.

The power of gun owners comes in our willingness to put boots on the ground. 2014 is not the year to sit out of the game. The politicians who have voted for this mess or promoted it must be ousted from office. If we can’t beat Mike Bloomberg’s wealth, then we need to beat him where it counts in turning out votes.

5 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Get Lazy”

  1. If you want to look for optimism, think that cutting big checks can never be as efficient as cutting small checks.

    Right now there are a lot of vulture front organizations out there making money hand over fist from our current (justified) hysteria. Everyone should consider “efficiency” before writing a check to any organization. Consider that if you spend $50 or $100 at the printers getting campaign flyers printed up — even if you’re copying someone’s — when you distribute them, you’ll know what every single cent went for. A hundred percent will be doing what YOU think should be done.

    Down from that, supporting a local initiative at your club will be nearly or just as efficient. The point is, make as sure as you can that the money will be spent on gun rights, and only gun rights. Just because an outfit has “guns” in its name doesn’t mean its about guns, except as a fund raising artifice.

    Some years ago I spent a considerable amount of money (for me) on a candidate who promised his campaign was going to be all about gun rights, and instead he used it for bashing homos.

  2. “2014 is not the year to sit out of the game.”

    How about THIS year, 2013? Typo?

  3. Romney got a lot of big checks too. Obama won. You can’t buy popularity, only media exposure. Additionally, spending to energize your base is a lot easier and more efficient than spending to try to get people to care about something that’s usually not on their mind. The size of Bloomberg’s check shows the “hearts and minds” hole the gun control side is in.

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