Gun Control Dates

From NRA, it would seem that Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is planning to pull a Cuomo and try to pass gun control via emergency legislation, which bypasses the committee process and offers no public hearing. I think the goal of Bloomberg and Obama here is probably to break the back of the firearms industry.

Also from NRA, more attempts to derail right-to-carry in Illinois. I think at this point only the Supreme Court will settle this issue finally.

It’s being reported that Harry Reid will start to move legislation forward April 8th, and it’s going to be a ban on private transfers. No word on whether it will be Schumer’s bill or not. The assault weapons ban and magazine bans will be offered as amendments. Despite what a lot of people are saying, this isn’t over. It’s not over until votes are posted, so keep bugging your Senators. There’s also the minor fact that the “background check” bill would be an unmitigated disaster for the firearms community.

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  1. If the goal is to destroy gun manufacturing then that impacts the US military. You may not be wrong but I believe the goal is to destroy the gun culture by making it so dangerous to own and use guns like it was in the 1970’s when DC and Morton Grove passed their despicable gun bans. It took over 30 years to break those laws and those jurisdictions are making it as hard as possible to own and use guns.

    Regrettably the gun banners do not worry about how polarized the country is,. They think the win in November indicates the other 50 % has surrendered. I regret that it means since the ballot box failed the ammo box may be next.

    And since it is hard get ammo they may be right. But the gun banners are pushing hard and I fear that the 3% may start thinking of shooting rather than fight to influence politicians. I do wonder who and why the Colorado Correction man was assasinated.

    We live in interesting times.

  2. I’m tellin’ ya, CT is a hotbed of gun control/gun rights debates. The sad part is that these anti-gunners simply refuse to acknowledge that even in a blue state such as CT, they are outnumbered by the pro-Second Amendment types.

    1. Yep. This is true. The problem comes about because the population’s general preference for Democrats means that the gun over vote isn’t enough to swing close races, because there are so few close races.

  3. I it the amount of people who are passionate on the issue where we blow them away in numbers. But our vote counts the same as the “yeah, I guess I think guns should be regulated” (with no cencept of current regulations) crowd.

  4. Even when the votes are cast it will never be over. The ghoulish gun grabbers, despite repeated defeats, will resurrect their bills time and again, beathing new life into them zombie-like, hoping for a different result. (Say! Isn’t that the definition of insanity?)

  5. I suspect if anything, the background check provisions that eventually pass will be most focused on improving the amount and quality of data that is in the system.

    Schumers bill won’t see the light of day. It simply won’t pass out of the Senate, let alone get 60 votes. Some form is likely to pass, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see any (or all) of the following:

    exemption from background checks for people with concealed carry licenses;
    some form of national reciprocity;
    removal of out of state purchase restrictions;
    Set statute of limitations on transfer violations (can’t expect people to maintain records forever – in archival conditions that manage to hold them at stable temperatures and guarantee they aren’t exposed to air, water, light, humidity, heat or cold, pets, people, rodents, insects, and that inks remain legible for ever. Can’t force people to rely on trust of government, or gun dealer, not to lose records either).

  6. I am busily gathering data this weekend on the effect of state background check requirements on murder rates. I have already prepared an article for PJMedia that demonstrates the claims that their side makes about Missouri’s repeal of its permit-to-purchase law are false. (Murders rose far after the change in law, and there was no statistically significant rise in murders.)

    I am going to try and get the data put together for the 14 states with such laws. I will probably be sending out a request for assistance in finding the first background check requirements for the various states.

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