Fear of Cake

NRA Blog features the story of a Connecticut couple who happen to share a love of shooting and support the NRA. For the husband’s 50th birthday celebration, the wife wanted to get him an AR-15-styled cake since she could not buy a real one from the stripped shelves of gun dealers.

Here’s the kicker, she actually had multiple bakeries refuse her business because they didn’t want to make “machine gun” cakes. That’s right, their hatred of firearms extends to cake that looks like a perfectly lawful and commonly owned firearm. However, a bakery named Jenny-Lu’s stepped in and made an absolutely amazing cake.


Seriously, if I lived in Connecticut, I would gladly order a cake from this joint. They have also created fun hunting cakes before, too. And, oh dear Lord, the woman posts sinfully delicious photos of homemade Samoa-style cupcakes. Hey, all you gun companies up in Connecticut, order some kind of amazing gun cake for your employees – and get a side order of Samoa cupcakes. And then post pictures of people enjoying them. Because those look divine and the joy must be shared.

15 thoughts on “Fear of Cake”

  1. Bloomberg would doubly flip out given the calorie content. They should use cigarettes for candles and go for broke.

  2. That cake looks more accurate than some airsoft replicas I’ve seen! What calorie is is chambered in? And how many Mounds does the magazine hold?

    1. What calorie is is chambered in? And how many Mounds does the magazine hold?

      I seriously chuckled at that. And now you’ve made me crave a Mounds. Damn you! I just need to hold out until next week when I bake Sebastian’s birthday cake. Speaking of, pardon me as I go Google some chocolate buttercream frostings.

  3. I’m amazed that there are cowardly chefs who refused to make this type of cake. Seriously, it’s a cake. They need to grow up.

    1. Yes, and I’m betting that Jenny-Lu’s might even get a few extra orders (even if they aren’t AR-15 cakes).

  4. See? This is what I deal with as a resident of CT. I am surrounded by the ridiculous.

    Applause for Jenny Lu’s! (woo-hoo!!)

    Keep your eyes on CT if you want to watch an interesting and evolving gun-rights battle. Things here are getting news worthy.

  5. That is outstanding. I thought the cake reference was related to Lawdog’s cake analogy, and didn’t realize that wasn’t an actual AR until I read the post.

  6. Okay, I’m done with Google. Over on Jenny Lu’s Facebook page a commenter to the post where she delivered the cake mentioned the cake photo was now up on the front page of a site called Million Moms against Gun Control.

    So I Google up “million moms against gun control” but I get a list of million moms for gun control except for one link at the bottom of the first page. I guess their algorithm has a bug or something. I run the same search through Bing and get the facebook link about as the top link.

    I’d read Google had issues returning valid links for search terms involving guns, etc. I guess they do have a flaw in their algorithm. Oh, well, thanks to free enterprise, there are other search engines whose product isn’t failing.

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