10 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Washington State”

  1. I see that the Washington State GOP needs to purge Rep. Mike Hope, co-author of the Bill in question.

    1. As one that has worked with Mr Hope in the past, even volunteered for his campaign, I have to agree.

      I’ve moved out of his district, so I cant vote against him; however I will do my best to work for whoever opposes him in the primary.

  2. We have pretty good, liberal (in the classic sense: free) gun laws in WA state. I’d like to keep it that way. My state representatives have heard from me on this a few times.

  3. Addendum: Unfortunately, I suspect they may have better luck pushing it in a state referendum, as was hinted in a few articles. This will continue to bear watching.

  4. I don’t see this passing even as a referendum even with the PRPS (People’s Republic of Puget Sound). Overall in many of the districts where the rep was signing on the bill, their constituents were pissed. See the asshat out of Spokane rooting for it. Yeah I don’t see the majority of Spokane going for that bill.

    What is dangerous is the fact that some gun owners were looking at that bill saying, yeah it’s fine, just give them something so they’ll leave us alone. It’s as if they don’t understand the actual end game the antis are playing for.

    Overall on the public side, especially in WA, gun laws are pretty damn low on the totem pole of public concern and I don’t see them being able to actually even drum up the necessary support to get a referendum on the ballot. Tell me, how many people did the anti-rights folks get to show up in Olympia?

    Doubly so if you consider this also helps crush their morale. I’m not getting cocky, I’m being real and by god we need to use this momentum to our advantage and stop letting them lead this debate.

  5. There was a Washington referendum in 1997 on this very same subject, conducted in a similar fashion. From the Gun Owners Action League of WA, GOAL Post 2013-7:

    A similar “citizens group” did the same thing in 1997 — after their pet bill to mandate gun storage failed, they ran an initiative calling for licensing of everyone in Washington who “possessed” a handgun (far broader than “owned”). Seattle media polling indicated 65% support for the initiative, but a funny thing happened at the only poll that counts: on election day the initiative was defeated 71–29%.

    1. What worries me is our new mail-in system. We used to be the only people motivated enough to go vote in an off-year, but now they’ll be mailing ballots to every brain-dead hippie in the state. They’ll only have to put the bong down long enough to fill it out.

      1. Unfortunatly, since ’97 a WHOLE LOT of Californians have moved north

  6. The reps and senator in my district (47) all responded in opposition to this. While I’m far from a person of influence with regards to state politics, my reps know me personally through various community functions.

    It makes it tougher to dismiss me as whacko gun-nut when our kids play sports together, and we sat at the same table for the Young Life charity auction.

    While I’m all about op-sec, I think the appropriate level of public evangelism is important.

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