Federal Lands Bill Up Today

The Federal Lands Omnibus bill will be coming up again in the House today under the special rules that does not allow amendments, but requires a 2/3rd super-majority for passage.  Last time it was up, it failed by two votes.  I alluded to this somewhat when I excoriated GOA over their reaction to it.

The Democrats are back, and with the same suspension of rules, which means they must have picked up the two votes they need to pass it without the pro-gun amendments.  I am not optimistic about how this is going to go, but we will see.

This bill will vastly expand the amount of federal land that is under control of the Department of the Interior, and add several new National Parks.  This means the amount of federal land where functional firearms are contraband will be increasing greatly.  This should demonstrate to folks that while we have many pro-gun Democrats as friends in Congress, the Democratic leadership is still very much against us.