Targeting Training

Cam Edwards linked to this story complaining about the offer of firearms safety training from the NFL Players Association (sic) with the Sig Sauer Academy at the NRA Headquarters Range. An unnamed NFL general manager was outraged that the Association would offer classes to teach people who might own firearms how to use them safely and instead wanted to demand a “non-gun ownership course,” presumably to lecture these adults on why they should give up their constitutional rights.

The Association notes that estimate gun ownership rates among NFL players is estimate between 25%-75%, so they thought that offering a safety class for players was wise–especially since they note that they don’t advocate on the issue one way or the other.

I don’t think that the attacks on even firearm safety training are an accident. I think it’s very much part of the anti-gun culture war where these elites are horrified that people who learn that safely shooting is a whole lot of fun.

I believe Cam will be talking about this tonight on his Sportsman’s Channel show at 5pm Eastern. It will no doubt be interesting to hear more on this topic. I wonder if we’ll see more assaults on our efforts to train more new shooters, even if the anti-gun crowd used to preach safety.

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  1. Yeah I never really understood why anti-gun people are against gun safety classes. There is usually an outrage whenever a bunch of kids are publicly known to being taught about guns and gun safety. I’m surprised there isn’t more angry-ness about the NRA kid/minor memberships, or the NRA safety classes for kids beyond Eddie Eagle.

    1. They want you dead or in prison.

      Gun safety training does not help achieve those goals. They’d prefer for you to kill yourself so that you can be a statistic for their crusade.

  2. I think your take on the cultural aspect of our little revolution is the most accurate reason for why we currently find ourselves under assault. We really should not be surprised anymore at the fact that none of these measure do anything for actual safety. It’s not the point. We have pushed back the line for a long time, and there was nothing our opponents could do. They understand full well that our side does have real ballot box and lobbying power. It’s just that this time, Newtown gave them the best cover possible to ram through as much as they could. Even then, the best they seem to be able to do is to pass laws in captured blue states.

    It’s a good thing that the blues’ death grip was broken in 2010. This may be the only thing Obamacare was good for; if it wasn’t for them kicking the hornet’s nest then, they might still have majorities in both houses, and Feinstein’s wet dream might have become reality.

  3. It’s a pretty sure bet Cam won’t be talking about whether an unstable rage case like Wayne Bengston should be able to buy a gun.

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