Context is Lost

They always say that when your neighbor loses his job, it’s a recession. When you lose your job, it’s a depression. Did you know that when Ted Turner loses his job, it’s a national disaster on par with the losses and devastation of war?

The Time Warner-AOL merger should pass into history like the Vietnam War and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It’s one of the biggest disasters that have occurred to our country.

I lost 80 percent of my worth and subsequently lost my job.

Ted Turner, who is the nation’s single largest landowner and still sits on about $2 billion, considers one job loss to be a national loss on par with Vietnam. You’d think with all of that wealth, he could afford some class and decency. People losing job after job, families losing homes, and soldiers giving up their lives for our freedom are absolutely nothing compared to Ted Turner’s personal bank account being worth a paltry $2 billion because of a bad business deal. For Ted Turner, the nation should mourn his investment losses the same way they mourn a fallen hometown boy who returned from a far away land in a box with a flag draped over it. I’d say old Ted lost a little context on life.

6 thoughts on “Context is Lost”

  1. Living in the ATL and having known/talked to many who work or have worked in Turner properties (CNN, Cartoon Network, etc), the observations seem to have similar patterns:

    Ted’s crazy. Probably bipolar.

    Thus, I don’t really put any weight on what he says.

  2. Have you read Stephen Hunter’s newest book, “I, Sniper”?
    LOL is all I’m sayin’…

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