Fun Show Weekend

Fun Show TableBitter is off volunteering to work gun show on behalf of ILA, to get post cards together to go off to our Senators. I spent yesterday working the show with her, but she’s more of a talker than I am, and she’s much better at dealing with people. I usually let her work point, and I only deal with overflow when things get busy. This is a small antique gun show run in a local Shriner’s hall in Montgomery County, which means the clientele runs on the side of rich and old, and when you wander around and look at prices, you’ll see why. I went with her yesterday, but because of the size of the show, there wasn’t much for me to do, so I decided to stay home today and continue with the painting. The response for such as a small show was pretty good, however. Bitter just texted me this:

Just had an 18-year old girl eagerly sign the postcards and shoved two more in her dad’s hand saying “Sign these now.”

That’s someone who wants gun rights when she’s old enough to buy her own. There were very few young people there, which I would expect given the prices. We watched a few groups of young guys walk in, make one round, and walk out, apparently disappointed there were no ARs made prior to 1898, and no cases of .223 dug up from the Spanish-American War. One thing we definitely noted was that husbands who came with wives were the most enthusiastic people we talked to when it came to the current fight. We need to do even more to bring women in, because women will tend to get the family involved, and I think men who have the backing of the women at home tend to be the happy warriors.

One guy who stuck in my mind was an older gentleman, who came up, signed our cards, and thanked us for what we were doing. He said he was sorry for us, because of what we’d likely live to see. I got the impression his wife had passed on, and he ended the conversation with, “I’m not likely to be around much longer anyway. Let my door be the first one they come to.” In this issue you see a lot of chest beating, but I don’t get the impression this guy was engaging in that; he was dead serious. Given how close we came in New York to a confiscation bill, and given it’s still on the table in states like California, it begs the question to our opponents of how many bodies of guys just like this they are willing to stack up? Because that’s what it’s going to take. These people claim to be against gun violence, but yet they will be demanding other people engage in quite a lot of it on their behalf, to get at people who never would be violent people if left to pursue their own happiness.

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  1. Went there yesterday, hoping to find an 1895 Mauser, didn’t find one but saw plenty of cool stuff regardless and know where to go when I have enough cash to buy a Civil War rifle. Signed the postcards too.

      1. Yeah I didn’t know who you were either, if I had, I would’ve said something extra.

  2. ”I’m not likely to be around much longer anyway. Let my door be the first one they come to.”

    If God grants the strength and spirit when the time comes, go to their door. That is what will get their attention.

    I’ve sometimes reflected on what I might do, in preference to entering hospice care, should the time come.

    1. Being old and afflicted with cancer myself the old guy’s remark doesn’t sound like chest beating at all to me. Never pick a fight with an old man.

      1. I suspect that a lot of swat types are going to be terminally surprised, due to the typical young guys attitude that old people are no longer capable of doing things. For various reasons, I expect that this demographic will be the first priority for them. Bwahahahah!!!

  3. There were far more young people today there today. It was very quiet, but with people looking very seriously. I talked to two under 45s who were not only there to shop the antiques, but also asked about the next Oaks gun show and said they planned to attend to pick up more modern guns that they might find. They are dedicated, and they were fairly informed.

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