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Breda did some precinct walking this weekend:

…if a one-legged librarian can be on her feet for two hours, walking alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, hoping to change hearts and minds, you can do it too.

She asks “What have you done to defeat Barack Obama today?”  It’s a great question.  This show we were doing a harder sell for volunteers, trying to get people lined up for the 72 hour effort right before the election, so we can turn out the sportsman vote.  Our pitch was basically if you only volunteered an hour of your time, it would go a long way to helping pro-gun candidates.  Most people said they didn’t have the time, despite driving a long way to spend a few hours at a gun show.  If everyone that attended that show would have, the following weekend, donated that same amount of time to their local pro-gun candidates, the effect would be amazing.  This is why we gain ground so slowly, have to compromise, and often just outright lose.  I had several people thank us for what we were doing on behalf of the Second Amendment. I appreciate that, but appreciate more people who sign up themselves.  It’s nice to be appreciated, but it’s even nicer to have help, and to win.

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  1. Allow me to quote Michael Goldfarb (McCain’s Deputy Communications Director) from March of this year:

    >let me just say to Ron Paul supporters everywhere, and on behalf of the New
    >Right (by which I assume Paul means the Jew Right), get lost.

    So as to the question ‘What have I done to defeat Barack Obama today?’, I spent today, as I will spend every day between now and November 4th, continuing to get lost.

  2. So because there’s one asshole in the campaign …

    Don’t expect me to give a shit when you start bitching about what Obama is doing to the Second Amendment.

  3. No, because the party leadership appears to be ‘assholes all the way down’.

    I have, over the last eight years, seen every principle I believe in betrayed by my supposed political allies. I have been repeatedly lied to and stabbed in the back. Over the same period, nearly every major figure in the party has attempted to publicly humiliate me. I have been laughed at on national television and accused of being secretly in league with everyone from the Nazis to AlQeda.

    In the same time I have seen the size of federal government nearly double, the financial industry nationallized, massive new intrusions into nearly every aspect of my life, and an obscene disregard for the rule of law, the constitution, and numerous rights I consider just as precious as the right to keep and bear arms.

    And to hear the Republicans talk about it, you would think they had been absent from the federal government, rather in control of of the entire government for six years. I’m tired of the lies; I’m tried of the phony outrage; I’m tried of the cheap identity politics; I’m tired of the whole thing. And now, in a final display of chutzpah, I increasingly hear people like you telling me that this is really all MY fault because I’ve decided to stop being codependent and pulling the party out of the fire every for years so they can go back to the political equivalent of beating me like a redheaded step child.

    Even at this late date, McCain and the rest of his party refuse to even acknowledge the reality of what happened the last eight years. Well, it’s your bed, now lie in it. I’m sure the next two-four years will be hellish.

    And you’ll deserve every second of it.

  4. I’m not happy with a lot of that shit either, but I don’t honestly see a way out of it right now. I definitely don’t see a way out of it if people who want smaller government, who want more freedom, just surrender and give up. Also, for me, this is about a lot more than McCain. If McCain helps turn people out to the polls to defeat my gun banning Congressworm, fantastic.

    Look, I don’t particularly like McCain either, but despite our best efforts, he’s the one who got the nomination, for better or worse. If he were running against a moderate Dem, even a moderate Dem who had some issues with guns owners, like Janet Napolitano or Kathy Sibelius, I might agree with sitting this one out, and allowing the Republicans to self-destruct.

    But not against Obama. Not against our current Congressman. Not against the possibility of a filibuster proof Democrat majority in the Senate, and an even more Democratic Congress. I have little faith at this point that over the next eight years, we’ll see a massive contraction in government. But McCain will slow down the growth, and perhaps we’ll have the possibility of making it better at some point down the road. But tuning out will practically guarantee that small government types lose.

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