Gun Bloggers and the Congressional Record

I think Thirdpower may be the only gun blogger (who isn’t Hardy or Kopel) that has ended up in the Congressional Record. Josh Horwitz of the thoroughly extreme Coalition to Prevent Gun Ownership Gun Violence decided to include him in his testimony before the Senate. Josh must really be frightened by Thirdpower, and I can understand why, given how intimidating he can be. That’s the face that launched a thousand threepers right there. He’s just itching to overthrow some legitimate democratic government, according to CSGV, when he’s not busy being a nerd.

Like Thirdpower, CSGV has attacked me in the past for extremism as well, as surely evidenced by my drone program, which might seem like just another nerdy hobby, considering my day job as a mild mannered IT professional. But such a hobby obviously has some kind of Dr. Evil, insurrectionist purpose. Clearly we must be stopped, and only CSGV is up to the task.

This is how utterly ridiculous Josh Horwitz and CSGV are. It’s amazing to me anyone takes them seriously enough to invite them to testify before the Senate. This would be like having me or Thirdpower testify before the Senate as credible representatives. By sniping at gun bloggers in serious testimony, Horwitz has elevated us to his level. Unfortunately, that level is quite a bit lower than I think many of us have aspirations for.

4 thoughts on “Gun Bloggers and the Congressional Record”

  1. Gee, you think we might be seeing the “Next Generation” of the McCarthy Hearings? I’m waiting for someone to wave a piece of paper saying “Here in my hand is a List of KNOWN Gunbloggers, NRA Members and Gun Owners!”

  2. Oh, and I’m sorry you guys didn’t make the List. But if you tried a just a leeetle bit harder….

  3. He is hilarious on Twitter. I love debating with him. He couldn’t even admit that the Colonists were British citizens fighting against their own government. I mean, that’s just standard history.

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