Testimony Today Before the Senate

Dave Hardy is testifying today before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the phony baloney assault weapon issue. You can find his testimony here. Wish him luck. Locally, also on the agenda, is Philadelphia Mayor Nutter, and Professor Nick Johnson from Fordham Law School. Do you see why our opponents are scared? The front lines of this battle isn’t out in rural America or flyover country. Fordham is in New York City. Professor Johnson is one of the many Bucks County residents who commute to Manhattan.

The Second Amendment has many front lines, but one of the tips of the spears is right here, and that spear is aimed square the heart of Gotham. Bloomberg just had to spend 2 million dollars, and bring to bear the full weight of the White House, and Chicago machine to defend a seat he never should have had to defend. Bloomberg’s other “big win?” He claims Joe Baca, who was gerrymandered into a difficult race.

This is not someone starting from a position of strength. This is someone making easy bets and hoping he can build himself a reputation. What we need to do is keep attacking, and attacking relentlessly, until his cause is all but lost. It is incumbent upon us to ensure this is their Battle of the Bulge, and there’s ample evidence to believe it can be that, if we play our cards right.