So What if they Are?

We watched the full hearing organized by Senator Feinstein, and I managed to capture most of it for later presentment. I think the purpose of the hearing was so frustrated anti-gunners could yell at our witnesses and treat them disrespectfully, likely taking out their frustration that we’re beating them. Let us keep it up. The Washington Times covers one statement by the Wicked Witch of the West:

Assault weapons are “personal pleasure[s]” that should not take precedence over the good of the nation,” she said.

Yes, because we can only have personal pleasures, in Diane Feinstein’s world, at her pleasure. In her mind, we are not citizens, we are subjects. This is the same attitude that motivated insane moral crusaders like Carrie Nation. We all ought to have our own personal pleasures in life, and that is to the good of the nation, even of those pleasures are sometimes costly.

And furthermore, shooting is only a pleasure during normal circumstances. When things go pear shaped, it becomes a matter of life and death. I will have more video for you later. This hearing really was telling, and I want you to see the disdain they have for Americans. We have to toss these insufferable elites out on their tails.

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  1. So my means to defend my self, home, and family are now a “personal pleasure”?

    As Joe Huffman says, this will be presented as evidence at her trial.

        1. She said it on MSNBC, not on the floor of the Senate. Also, Senate was not in session nor about to be in session.

          She’s not protected.

  2. I’ve said this before: all gun control is, at its creamy center, cultural bigotry. And there’s no bigger and more contemptible a cultural bigot in the world than a California liberal.

  3. How about golf? We could better use all that land to feed and house the differently funded.
    After all no one needs to golf everyday.

  4. “these weapons can be held at the hip and spray fired without aiming, which makes them so lethal”

    Perhaps I should try that, maybe my 3 gun rankings will improve. Think of the money I can recoup by selling my pricey optics and mounts. I might even be able to afford some .223 at current prices!

  5. “BC: I’ve said this before: all gun control is, at its creamy center, cultural bigotry. And there’s no bigger and more contemptible a cultural bigot in the world than a California liberal.”

    You’re wrong BC on that score. New York City liberals take the prize. Can you say fascist Bloomberg? Ok, it might be a tie.

    1. Wait for it, legionvictus. The People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia is about to out New york New York.

      1. Crotalus:

        Unfortunately, I think you’re right. I grew up in California in the 60’s and 70’s and it was so much different then. I actually had a great education in the public school system (LA at the time had one of the best public school systems in the US) and grew up around firearms. Heck, when I was in grade school in LA, we were allowed to carry pocket knives. It was no big deal. Now, a kid would be charge with a felony.

        I’m sad to say that my California is becoming the Detroit of the west coast. The extreme leftists have take over and are destroying what was once a great state that I fondly remember.

    1. They thought this would be a cakewalk, and it’s not. Feinstein could still get her bill, but it’s not going to be easy for her.

      1. She proposes this bill every session, and it’s never gone anywhere. She knows that we’re committed and that NRA’s capable. She’s known that for twenty years. And she beat us once, so she knows it’s possible to do that again. And she has the support of the White House and a billionaire this time. I don’t know if I agree that there was any illusion there- this is calculated by the most capable political machine yet conceived.

        It seems like a battle between truth and power. I kind of hate to be on the side of the truth in that fight. I might rather be ignorantly wrong and have a majority. Or even be knowingly wrong and in the minority. That way if we lost, it wouldn’t hurt so bad.

        But you don’t know how much it cheers me to hear you talk this way!

        1. That was a hearing of frustrated people. We need to keep them frustrated. This is going to be difficult, but we can prevail, and we are doing well so far.

    2. Folks in a few states are getting served a bit shit sandwich.

      In more states, the 2A is on the march. Alaska is working on stand-your-ground plus giving the federal government the middle finger with a bipartisan resolution outlining the philosophical roots of the 2A as well as an expansion of our Firearms Freedom Act (not tested in court) to cover items possessed in Alaska and criminalize fed enforcement of new gun control (symbolic as well).

      Utah is seriously considering Constitutional Carry. South Carolina is considering Restaurant & Constitutional Carry. Mississippi is expanding carry rights. Illinois is looking at a shall issue carry bill with pre-emption for Chicago. The list goes on.

      We’re getting a clearer idea of who our friends are. We know who has been identified in congress as a sunshine patriot. Manufacturers are stepping up.

      One big positive out of this is, I think, a clear changing of the guard with regard to Fudds in many areas. Fudds are identifying themselves and being educated or torn down like Zumbo. I know we’ve started the battle with Fudds controlling a local range with FOIA requests and meetings and persuasion. Moreoever, casual non-politically active shooters are being radicalized: they’re learning about the origin of the 2A, buying a black rifle, writing a letter to Congress, and joining the NRA.

      Assuming we go another six months without another mass shooting I think we may find ourselves in a much stronger position with many more new shooters on board.

  6. One thing is sure. Feinstein won’t get the guns; she’ll get a slew of outlaws.

  7. If you want to see & hear disdain for us peasants, watch the Colorado House judiciary hearings on the first round of gun control laws. I can shoot ya a link to the archives if ya wish. Or read the language of the assault weapons liability bill introduced today here. It leapfrogs insult and injury throughout the whole Vishnu damned thing.

    Like the gun culture doesn’t know geographical boundaries, neither does the tyrannical culture. NY, Cali, Denver – all the same BS, just different accents.

  8. Remember when Feinstein told Sandra Fluke that the personal pleasure of recreational sex shouldn’t take precedence over the good of the nation as reflected in our insurance premiums? Yeah, me neither. Seems maybe some people’s personal pleasures are a little more important than others.

  9. Personal pleasure? What is she trying to do, get rid of “sporting purposes” as well?

  10. Is shooting governmental agents carrying out tyrannical and unconstitutional orders a pleasurable activity?

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