Twitchy has some hard evidence that the gun control crowd is engaging in astroturfing efforts. We know that the call went out in New Jersey, and that the Obama people paid for busses in order not to have an embarrassing turnout last week, and SEUI is also on the hook to help Obama screw fellow union members out of jobs. You can hardly blame them, since without astroturf efforts, this is what the anti-gun movement looks like. Meanwhile, the Day of Resistance seemed to have good turnout in a lot of places, such as this demonstration in the Idaho Capitol. There was a successful counter-demonstration outside of John Runyan’s (R-NJ)  office as well. Nonetheless, I do get concerned about our people wearing down with demonstration after demonstration. I think the purpose is to try to wear us down.

UPDATE from Bitter: Even Buzzfeed, which leans pretty far left on most things politics, concludes that the fake Twitter gun control astroturf is likely real. I searched the results on our lawmaker, and I found several egg accounts that were legit and underused, but just as many that were suspiciously devoid of any tweets except the one OFA-ordered message. They had no followers, they only followed the recommended celebrities pushed by Twitter, and they had no other interactions.

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