Weekend News Dump

Due to my being busy for the past few days getting everything ready for the demo, I haven’t had much time to blog, but I’ve managed to build up some tabs of news items:

Fastest growing demographic among gun owners: women.

Mexico wants a registry of border state gun owners. How about this one liner ASCII art for an answer: oIoo.

Absolute moral authority. Victims only matter when they are on the side of gun control, don’t you know?

Comcast bans gun ads. Comcast is an enemy of freedom, which is why they will never get my business back. Well, that and the fact that they suck.

Clayton Cramer notes that this is the third time Washington Democrats have proposed door-to-door confiscation. It was no accident. Also in PJ Media, Clayton has an article about fixing our mental health system.

More on door-to-door confiscation from Ace. Remember kids, door-to-door confiscation is an imagined paranoid delusion of crazy gun owners, not something that’s ever been seriously proposed.

Is the copycat effect real? Experts keep saying no, but it’s hard to see how it’s not the case. It’s almost like they are ignoring evidence. I don’t get why either, because it’s not like anyone has a political agenda to silence the press.

Chris in AK notes that Obama is looking for gun violence stories, and that hey, know you we have a lot of those on our side too.

What they really want. Of course, this is all gun nut delusions.

Looks like Iowa is getting ready to heat up.

OFA is getting behind gun control in a big way. I think OFA is a huge threat and needs to be countered with our own grassroots action. OFA is also busy tugging at heartstrings, knowing quite well gun control won’t win on the pure logic of it.

3 thoughts on “Weekend News Dump”

  1. Speaking of organizing:

    It has occurred to me that while gun rights groups seem to have boundless energy for getting people to “gun rights rallies” where they can hear the campaign speeches of selected favorite windbag politicians, few seem to have the energy to persuade the same people to come for training in basic political action, like campaigning in their neighborhood, or working at the polls on election day. All of which are time-consuming and boring as crap, but part of the nuts and bolts of actually making things happen.

    I know that has not been true everywhere, but I think it is a relative rarity. It is almost as if someone fears that given political skills, people might use them in their own ways, if they ever moved beyond the control of their “leadership.”

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