A Little Happy, Feel Good Gun News

The Lancaster (Pa.) Sunday News features this 950+ word article on the success of area school rifle teams. The focus is on how these are well-balanced kids who compete in other activities more commonly associated with high school, such as cheerleading, soccer, drama club, swimming, and field hockey. Yet, they use firearms in a safe and lawful manner, and their sport doesn’t get the same kind of cheering and high five response from a crowd when they do well. But they keep doing it because they enjoy it. (h/t @patrickhenry2nd)

4 thoughts on “A Little Happy, Feel Good Gun News”

  1. I see a preference of liberals to put their kids in sports where responsibility is diffused: soccer, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse. Points are won by the team; individual mistakes can always be partially excused by blaming team mates. A few stars, and lots of spectator players.

    Individual sports – shooting, wrestling, singles tennis, track – less popular generally and very few liberal parents around. These sports also suffer from poor organization (not knocking the parent volunteers, just noting that no one takes charge, or defers to one person who can’t be everywhere).

  2. I recall from my long ago school days that rifle team never got many kudos. This was in a much more pro gun culture where we worked on stockmaking in shop class and brought guns to high school to hunt afterwards with friends. Even then, I bet some kids did not even know we had a rifle team. It was pretty low profile. I think its simply because precision paper shooting is fun to do, but very dull to watch. Cheerleaders would have distracted our concentration anyway.

  3. I think Richard got it. Shooting is just one of those sports that even people who follow it will just read the stats in the paper. Not many people follow school golf teams, either. Even swim meets (which I personally can watch and enjoy) rarely draw beyond family members.

    Reminds me, though, that I had a great gun conversation last month with two IT colleagues, one a former Marine and the other one what I initially assumed to be a city liberal – but she had been on her high school rifle team.

  4. As I noted on Twitter- I didn’t even know these existed. Kudos to the Lancaster Paper for actually doing some legwork and showing them.

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