Counter Protesting

Cemetery notes that a MoveOn protest was counter-protested quite effectively in Westfield, New Jersey. Westfield is in North Jersey, and spitting distance away from Manhattan. Our opponents can be given no refuge, be allowed to dominate no forum. We are everywhere, and I’m glad to see us acting like we’re everywhere. Also, there seems to be a local group forming around here seemingly out of thin air. We just reached out to these people to ask what we can do to help. I have a feeling my days of struggling to get people really engaged in this issue may be drawing to a close. Thanks Obama!

And I have to say, while we’re linking to Cemetery’s blog, this is the coolest picture I’ve seen in a while.

8 thoughts on “Counter Protesting”

  1. Word on the street is that the half dozen mom march wants to protest in Albany, NY on the same day we’re going because they heard we’re going.

  2. Met Cemetery at the NRA Con in Pittsburg. Great Guy! He taught me a lot about what the Gun Laws are in New Jersey, and how he has to (basically) use Old West Tech to protect himself.

    Unfortunately, if these Anti-Gun Laws get out of hand, he might be one of the “Subject Matter Experts” who will have to teach us how to Defend ourselves using that Level of Protection.

      1. Did he consult with Harry Turtledove on The Guns of the South?

        (The Confederacy wins the Civil War with AK-47s brought to them by time-traveling Boer hardliners (no, really!) Concerned that their ammunition supply might be cut off, they try running one with black powder reloads.)

  3. Rep. Lance is a bit of an odd duck on firearms. He signed onto the Pro-2A Heller brief, but had brief excursions into regulation.
    Also, don’t necessarily judge NJ towns by their neighbors. Westfield is a town in which it is possible to get your paperwork done in an only moderately outrageous time and that because of delays by the state.

  4. There’s way more gun owners in NJ then I think most of us realize. Just in my little 12 person team there’s 3 of us. Unfortuantely, one is a total FUDD who thinks no one needs more than a single shot shotgun and a bolt action rifle, and all NRA members are hard right social conservatives. He and I are mostly NOT talking guns right now because he drives me nuts.

    1. I swear my employer’s zombie plan is to just tell everyone the no firearms policy is rescinded. I can’t toss a nerf football without hitting a gun owner. Though a chunk of them live in PA.

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