Tuesday News Dump

All the news that’s fit to dump:

More fun with headlines, and the media spin. BTW, that Vermont story came out right after Sandy Hook, so I took some time to watch this guy’s videos, and thought it was something Clayton Cramer might be interested in. I’m not sure that concerns this guy had mental issues are unfounded.

Are Governor Cuomo’s Presidential ambitions ruined? Well, jumping on the gun control bandwagon isn’t going to help win Democratic primaries in the South.

Chris takes a look at the dominoes. Once they start to fall it’s going to be hell to stop them. He notes: “‘Pack up and move’ seems to be a dwindling option at the rate the infection is spreading.” The anti-gun folks are raising the stakes. You do realize that works both ways, right? We need to work hard. We need to regain momentum and crush them.

Would new gun laws spark widespread civil disobedience? I’d hope so. If we ever get to the point where we stand idly by and allow our civil liberties to be taken from us, we’re not Americans anymore.

It’s another Markley’s Law Monday.

So you want to ban magazines, eh? Do you even know where all yours are? I always find them when I go digging through my bins.

Democrats have a full blown Aiken on theirs hands. I think all sides can probably agree that if you’re a politician, and the word “rape” comes into your wormy little brain, zip your trap. Resist the temptation. More here.

Maybe we need magazine limitations for cops.

The real danger lurking in David Frum’s ignorance.

Colorado Democrats think you should consider alternatives to defending yourself with a gun, like ball point pens.

Chicago has no space for more “gun criminals,” but yet we need more gun laws.

Trying to make progress in other states. We’ve actually been winning battles, if you pay close attention. Our enemies are focused on other things.

This is all part of the plan to destroy the Second Amendment. What’s scary is that he might succeed.

UK legal pistols by exploiting the “steel counterweight loophole.”

Lawmakers predict Congress will OK new gun laws. They want to make you think this is inevitable, so why bother lifting a finger? Don’t listen to them.

California-approved handgun safe.

Guns are really boaring. But I thought if you shot an animal with an AR-15, it exploded?

Guns are not a defensive weapon. Really? So Police Chief Ken James’ officers carry them for offensive purposes like murder? Remember that police chiefs are politicians. Actually, in some cases they are worse than politicians. They are usually appointed by politicians, which means chapping your lips on an awful lot of asses to get there.

NRA is noting that it’s starting in Pennsylvania. We have the advantage of a friendly House, a so-so senate, and a friendly Governor. Even though the GOP controls all three, their fortunes here over the long term don’t look good. Pennsylvania should absolutely not be taken for granted. Bloomberg is putting a big target on all of us.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday News Dump”

  1. Regarding civil disobedience, I recommend a “million felon march” on Albany where all attendees are handed an SKS stripper clip.

  2. This is a woman that absolutely needs to be defeated in a PA gubernatorial primary… http://www.timesherald.com/article/20130219/NEWS03/130219526/as-allyson-schwartz-eyes-run-at-governor-joe-sestak-remains-mum-on-candidacy

    She ran an abortion clinic, wholeheartedly supports the anti-gun agenda and wants to follow in Obama’s footsteps on darn near everything else.

    I am not a huge Corbett fan but I am more inclined to go all in for the guy if we end up getting someone like this as an opponent. This woman is an absolute disaster.

    1. Unlike Romney, who was so-so on gun control and bad on health care, Corbett has nothing like that. I mean, what really has he done in four years that would be considered bad for the right? Nothing like Romney. Hell, Corbett even came out against new GC.

      So facing someone as bad as Schwartz- an Obama clone- we should be able to muster support to defeat her. And since its an non-presidential election, that should help.

  3. It’s also not JUST that we have a GOP-led congress and a Republican governor. It’s that there is a strong pro-gun caucus. I think it’s partially the leadership and partially the reality of things electorally in the state. Republicans in NY went along with the Dems because there was nothing to lose. We have to continue to give them something to lose.

    When I go in and speak to my elected representatives, just as I did last month, and they have a chuckle with me about the feeble efforts of the anti-gun people I know there is a majority that is comfortable and backed up by something. However, this is precisely something that could change depending on what that something is.

    If it’s money, of course it can change since Bloomberg has been throwing lots of it around.

    If it’s loyalty to the leadership, that’s only skin deep.

    Not all pro-2A legislators hunt or shoot. I was actually very surprised at how few do even among the Lancaster delegation. If they have no first hand experience this can also factor into something that they can “wobble” on. We’ve got to continue that gun culture. Heck, invite your elected official to the range!

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