Aimless Politicians

Jacob notes that Andrew Cuomo is considered “adrift” in his second term. Yet another example of the fact that gun control is a refuge for scoundrels. It is a way to look like you’re doing “something” without actually having to do anything. It pleases those rationally ignorant who demand that something be done, and the rabid dogs who demand gun owners be punished for their backward ways. But there’s one thing they don’t count on, as Jacob notes:

A lot of people still do not understand what was passed into law and when they find out they get very angry.  It is going to bite Cuomo and the GOP in the ass eventually.

Our people are at their most powerful when they are scared and/or pissed off. Even I’m sometimes surprised by the scale of the reaction. I’ve often told our opponents that you can’t weigh polls too much, because many of our own people are also quite rationally ignorant of the ins and outs of gun policy. When they come to understand the actual consequences, unintended or otherwise, they are often quote opposed to the very thing they may have said they supported out of ignorance.