Barry’s Gun Picture

I’m kind of with SayUncle on Skeetgate. I can’t get too worked up over it. Everyone knows the guy isn’t a shooter. The real problem is that Obama was trying to disingenuously signal that he’s really one of us, which strained credulity even for the sycophantic press corps. Note that the shotgun being fired is compensated, which is a new “evil” feature. It’s not just about flash hiders anymore.

I’ll give John Richardson the last word on Skeetgate, because that’s just funny.

6 thoughts on “Barry’s Gun Picture”

  1. It is a good thing that stock isn’t adjustable to make it comfortable for him. People could have been killed.

  2. As a clay shooter, I’m having fun reading all the misinformed comments from the AR crowd.

  3. I think we can rely on John Lott’s opinion back in 12/3/2007 when Michele made her statement about rural folks and guns.

    Well, I know Barack from when we were both at the University of Chicago Law School, and I have the strong belief that he does not think that any private citizens should be able to own guns and that he never came across a gun control law that he didn’t like. This appears to be a bit of election time conversion or that his wife has different views than he does.

    Obama shoots now? But that is in a place of the elite. It demonstrates nothing in regards to a change in his disdain for private citizens owning guns.

  4. The other week, I saw a PDF that listed “military features” that they wanted to ban, including ported/compensated barrels.

    I recall looking at the URL, and that it was linked from .gov address.

    Does ANYONE know the link? Was that pulled?

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