The Non-Public Public Meetings on Gun Control

Just like Joe Biden did in Virginia, Obama plans to start off next week with a not-really-public meeting with supporters to call for more gun control in Minnesota.

This isn’t about hearing from real voters, but they do know that when the President or Vice President come to town and are “seen” as talking to voters about gun control, then it increases local coverage for their cause. I find it interesting that Obama is currently targeting states he won, but where he doesn’t have consistent support for the gun ban agenda from members of Congress. This is very much about testing out the waters of firing up his personal base to see if they will act on gun control. It’s also timed to coincide with the state push for gun control, so he’ll probably tie at least some of his remarks to drive attention to that. I have no doubt that the White House has seen how visible pro-Second Amendment folks have been in key states that should be able to ram through gun control without a second thought, and they want to attention away from our efforts.

As I said previously on the post about Biden’s visit to Virginia, if there happen to be a handful of dedicated pro-gun activists in the immediate area to Obama’s visit, just having a few people out with signs to protest can be very useful for fighting in the media. It doesn’t have to be a mass, full-scale effort. Just a few people who already live or work in the area and have the flexibility to step away from their jobs for an hour or two and hold up some polite protest signs. Those kinds of small efforts make their way into the media reports, and it shows those local lawmakers that Obama is trying to pressure that we’re not giving up.

4 thoughts on “The Non-Public Public Meetings on Gun Control”

  1. Indeed, any dog and pony show by Obama targeting local Congresscritters really does need to be met by local “resistance” as he put it. Just enough to get reported by the local news, who will generally be as interested in them as the snoozers the TOTUS delivers (Teleprompter of the United States).

    Also note that Obama’s record of campaigning for local candidates is very bad, might see if you could work that into a message to your Congresscritters.

  2. Given the 10th and 14th Amendments, I wonder if anyone will be allowed to ask what the hell he thinks he’s doing? A federal government official telling individual sovereign states how to run their business.

    No wonder he’s sticking with states he won in the election!

  3. So, if he won the state, but doesn’t have clear carte blanche on gun control, is that an indication of gun owning democrats or non-voting republicans ?

    Just a thought.

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