New York Can’t Even Properly Identify Firearms

Bob Owens has the story, where numerous firearms are misidentified. These are the people who decide what we can and can’t own.

Also, many thanks to Bitter for sitting through all four hours of the Dog and Pony show in the Senate today, so we don’t have to. I listened to a good bit of it through my cell phone in the car. If you haven’t contacted your Senators yet, please, please do so.

5 thoughts on “New York Can’t Even Properly Identify Firearms”

  1. This will probably show up in a court brief. We can laugh at how silly it is, but a law so flawed that its backers can’t even properly identify what they made illegal–and that they then dangerously mislead the public about in official communications–is something that most courts take a very dim view of.

  2. Gah. “Revolvers are not pistols” popped up over there.


    God damn the drafters of the National Firearms Act for (as far as I can tell) invention that dubious “distinction” that is otherwise completely meaningless.

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