We Bring You This Public Service Announcement…

A Democratic Sheriff is running a PSA in Milwaukee on the need to be ready to defend yourself. From Firearms & Freedom, who actually heard the ad yesterday, we get this kind of message:

Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there.

You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.

Go read the entire transcript.

UPDATE: You can also go listen to the whole PSA.

11 thoughts on “We Bring You This Public Service Announcement…”

  1. While I’m not going to criticize the sheriff, I have feeling his PSA was more designed to get the voters in his county to support hiring back the deputies that he mentions were laid off/furloughed, than it was a pro-self-defense message.

    1. That’s exactly the first thought I had as well. It would be nice if he framed the PSA using only logic and common sense (i.e. when seconds count…you know the rest), I’ll take it for now.

  2. BOOYAH! Now there’s a man of the people, not some commie suit and tie who wants to eliminate our gun rights! No Stalinist there; he’s on our side! If they support your gun rights, they support your rights!”

  3. He’s a DINO – Democrat In Name Only. I’m hoping he’ll run for Mayor of Milwaukee against our current do nothing Democratic Mayor.

  4. October 2010: Five people in Madison are spread out on the ground by the cops for lawful open carry.
    June, 2011: Milwaukee police chief derides concealed carry.
    October, 2011: Concealed carry is the law of Wisconsin. Nothing happens, as it always does when restrictions on gun rights are lifted.
    January, 2013: This PSA by a Milwaukee sheriff.


  5. Just noticed that I get an Al Franken 2014 ad on your site right over the NRA ad. Either you’re choosing some odd juxtapositions, or I’m a little too open minded in my web surfing…Weird.

  6. The sad part is the complete loss of the real perspective. We, The People, formed government and hired police to handle the routine operation of society and provide a disinterested party to defuse disputes and conducted investigations. Thus freeing us, The People, to pursue our daily business by which we work and prosper and pay for our hired help.

    But as with any hired help, if they don’t show up or can’t do the job, we, The People, have to take up the slack and ensure the basic needs are met, i.e., self defense. That hasn’t changed with the layoffs and furloughs, what has changed is both the delay and, as the PSA states, the hired help are willing to admit to their inability to meet recent performance standards.

    This is not to denigrate the police as being only hired help. As with any specialization, on average they developed better skills than had we continued with the posse comitatus system that disrupted the work of citizens and is untenable today except in crisis. Sadly, as with anything, we had the principle-agent problem as the government “officials” having vested interest compared to the diffuse interests of the individuals making up The People, slowly increased their ability to control us, the principle, via regulatory creep until today most government employees can’t comprehend they are only hired help and ultimately the responsibility of The People cannot be delegated, only the authority.

    1. Actually, when the Republic was founded we were warned about the danger of “select militias”, words of art that had the emotional loading back then that Communist or Socialist has today. And our modern police system is very very close to the definition of select militias back then….

      The problems you point out are 100% inevitable after their formation, see the Public Choice school of economics and Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy. I would be more sanguine about them if it were not for the Blue Code of Silence, which makes it very difficult for me not to view almost every every police officer in the country as corrupt.

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