The Reports on the “Dueling” Gun Rallies

Today, the primary anti-gun organization in Pennsylvania decided to host a rally in the Capitol. In response, some gun owners decided to counter it. It’s still not over, and I hope that the pro-gun folks remain respectful and simply stick to some post-rally lobbying rather than trying to argue with hardcore anti-gun advocates.

Here are a few reports of what has happened so far. PAIndependent posted a photo of CeaseFire PA’s indoor rally that looks to be about 150-200 people. They also noted that the outdoor rally by gun rights folks didn’t do too shabby given the weather:

And here’s a great sign with a photo courtesy of @JonEMTP:

UPDATE: A later report says that there were about 250 pro-gun people.

One Response to “The Reports on the “Dueling” Gun Rallies”

  1. Patrick H says:

    Great to see many of my fellow gun owners attend. We were all very respectful- some of of us debated kindly with them, some talked with the legislators. To see that many outside in 19 degree weather (with wind chill around 5) was awesome.

    I would estimate 200-300 for both sides. Of course there is a big difference- we stood outside for an hour (expecting to do it for 4 hours); we drove ourselves and hitched ride; we made our own signs; we organized this ourselves with only some extra help; we bought our one lunches. On the other hand- they didn’t stand outside at all and had a nice warm cozy area to stand; they bused people in from Philly and Pittsburgh (we saw at least 6 buses); they had printed signs (for the most part); they were organized with CeaseFire; they had boxed lunches.

    Of course, that won’t be reported, but that’s how it was.