Hanging Out With Joe

The Vice President will apparently take part in a Google+ Hangout on Thursday (tomorrow) on gun violence. It’ll begin 1:45 p.m. at Of course, we should all attend. Don’t let them own the field. The public relations campaign for gun control is about to begin.

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  1. LC Scotty says:

    I’m confused-I don’t see a way for us to sign up/engage.

  2. Harold says:

    But for the first time since Obama became president four years ago, his political interests and Reid’s may be diverging. Not so much because there is huge disagreement on the president’s agenda, but because helping Obama may hurt vulnerable Democrats in the Senate.

    This is bullshit. Reid et. al. were willing to do this with Obamacare because the stakes were high enough; unless it’s repealed soon enough, or American turns out to be truly exceptional, history tells us it will be a roach motel into European style social democracy … well, that’s ignoring the minor detail of the money running out (they really took too long since Truman first tried), but then again who knows when?

    Gun control is just not in the same league, plus it’s been a successful liberal cause for a century so a lot of resistance based on experience had built up. Our new experiment with nationalized healthcare is just beginning (Medicare, due to its Ponzi nature, hasn’t really bitten us yet).

    But five months later, the NRA declined to endorse Reid, deciding instead to stay neutral in the election. Reid won but considered the NRA’s silence a betrayal.

    Any sign that’s really true? He’s a small enough man I can believe it. Of course, the real story as far as I know is that the membership’s reaction to the NRA’s championing of Reid’s pork palooza alluded to below this quote was so negative they had to back off and not endorse him (e.g. my father ended his contributions beyond yearly dues).

    But … Reid didn’t know he was going to win, and losing that support probably … upset him, maybe more than a bit.

    So, in all this excitement, maybe he’s asking himself one question, am I going to 6 Senate seats or only 5? Does he feel lucky?

    • Harold says:

      Grrr, I really wish there was an preview feature.

      Trying again, without the editing error:

      So, in all this excitement, maybe he’s asking himself one question, am I going to lose 6 Senate seats or only 5? Does he feel lucky?

    • Harold says:

      Erk, wrong discussion, it was too late in the night to be trying to compose this. You’re welcome to delete this and all of the above by me, I put the comment in the right thread.

  3. Fight Back says:

    Google is a hard left company that’s doing its best to advance Obama’s agenda. We need to fight back by boycotting Google and other companies like Bank of America that seek to trample on our liberty.

  4. Can we call him “Uncle Joe?”



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