NRA passes 1.8 million “likes” on Facebook.

5 Responses to “Change”

  1. John Boch says:

    Contrast that with Cheaper than Dirt’s “like”s.

  2. One of the women says:

    Idea for a New Year’s Eve party game: Sign onto facebook. Pull up that NRA page and see how many “likes” there are. Take bets as to how many more “likes” there will be in 15 seconds. Refresh the page, and see who guessed most closely.

    The page “likes” increase with every refresh/reload of the page.

  3. Dannytheman says:

    I joined Facebook just to like them, how pathetic am I??
    Now I am addicted to Farmville2. Please help me..

    Or send me some milk bottles, at least.

  4. Ronnie says:

    Check this out:

    Lone protester at the Tanner gun show in Denver

    This lady also got some coverage from the local media in Denver.

  5. Ronnie says:

    Here is some of that local media coverage this lone protester received:

    Gun Show protest in Denver. Gun Control Fail.