Tab Clearing

As usual, I get more stuff built up than I can possibly comment on, and I want to keep my posts more proactive and less reactive. But here’s what’s going on:

Hey, a mass killing stopped by an armed security officer you won’t hear anything about in the media. It’s partly bias, but also partly “No slaughter, no story.”

Here’s how do to an incremental backup with xtrabackup for MySQL. See, I hate it when I get work and blog tabs mixed up ;)

On Guns, like other issues, liberals are out of ammo.

John Richardson has a good line of argument to use against Obama. This guy has never given a rat’s ass about the American Economy.

A reader sent a link to this rule making petition, asking me about it. This is from Fall 2011, originally. It’s not new. It has to do with NFA trusts, and requiring individuals on trusts to go through background checks. It also would eliminate the CLEO signoff for individual NFA for making or transferring an NFA firearm or suppressor.

There are 18 gun control bills introduced in the New Jersey legislature. Some of them are predictably awful.

Call Wal-Mart!

White House Misfires on Gun Control, from the… wait… the Boston Herald?

Time for a Counterattack

Generals and Gun Control. I guess military brass isn’t that different from police brass.

Tom Corbett has always had problems with Pennsylvania conservatives. Yeah, I’ve been too, but his refusal to politicize Sandy Hook, and standing firm against gun control erases any disappointment I might have been feeling. I’ll crawl over broken glass to help him out in 2014. Not having to worry as much about Pennsylvania is a tremendous help right now.

Who needs more than X rounds? Good thing there wasn’t two intruders. People who say that you don’t need more than 10 rounds watch too many movies and don’t understand how poor pistol rounds are at stopping bad guys. More here. Also, some people think shooting home invaders is horrible.

The guy on Biden’s task force had a son that was convinced of plotting a school shooting. Well, I guess he can at least claim direct experience with this sort of thing.

How people that aren’t David Gregory get treated when they get caught in DC with an ordinary magazine.

That was a lot, I know, but news is coming so fast I can’t really comment on it all, and I have a few more posts brewing in my head about how we got here, and what the left is hoping to accomplish and how.

8 thoughts on “Tab Clearing”

  1. General McChrystal: “I spent a career carrying typically either an M16 or an M4 Carbine. An M4 Carbine fires a .223 caliber round which is 5.56 mm at about 3000 feet per second. When it hits a human body, the effects are devastating. It’s designed for that.”

    More devastating than the effects of a .308 or a .30-06 or .00 Buck? Is he serious?

    1. He didn’t compare it to anything and, while Stan McChrystal is hardly without fault, I assure you that he has seen WAY more ventilated bad guys than you. As much as I disagree with his perspective he is well-positioned to make highly educated statements concerning the M16/M4 and the various rounds they use.

      1. My point was he’s implying that the .223 should not be in civilian hands since it’s so dangerous. That makes me wonder what his opinion is on more potent rounds.

  2. The story of the vet booked for the 15 rd mags is absolutely insane. This is the practical reality of actually enforcing this stuff. Do we really want to waste the police’s time with this?

    The left will of course come back and say: He knew the law and he still brought them in. Phooey. A locked pistol in the back, properly transported and inaccessible makes an unloaded magazine completely useless. He was even informed to that end.

    Only in the beltway are people convinced of other fairy tales where a metal/plastic box and springs is an automatic killing machine, unloaded or otherwise.

    1. One slight correction: he knew the law, and the judge confirmed he was right, he committed no crime since the Federal Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) of ’86 provides an affirmative defense to such local criminal laws. Heck, this is even entirely consistent with the original intent of the Commerce Clause.

  3. This who needs a magazine larger than X question really agitates me. The answer I like to use is Anyone not on a suicide mission. I wish the principal or teacher at Newton could have had several 30 round magazines to keep the ‘slimbucket bucket’ from entering an office or classroom until the police got there.
    Yes, it would be better for the good guy to shoot to kill the ‘slimebucket’ however, if all that can be managed is to shoot through the open doorway so the ‘asshat’ can’t get into the classroom so be it.

  4. The more I read on the propsals from te gun grabbers, particularly about limitations to 10-round magazines, the more I’m convinced they came up with that number only because that’s as high as they can count on their fingers.

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