Killing Machines?

More people are killed with hammers and clubs every year than rifles, of which “assault weapons” are but a subset. Ban assault hammers now!

5 Responses to “Killing Machines?”

  1. Patrick H says:

    Sledgehammers are massive devices whose only purpose is to hammer large things, like heads.

    You have blood on your hands if you want a sledgehammer.

  2. Ian Argent says:

    The problem is, a large set of the people who pay attention to the “assault weapons” argument also think “there is no legitimate use” for semi-autos.

  3. Brad says:

    I’ve been saying this since 1993 when I publicly challenged Diane Feinstein; so-called “assault-weapons” kill fewer people than the number of people killed by lightning strikes.

  4. jkp says:

    Not necessarily. Volokh deconstructs Breitbart’s article here:

    • Harold says:

      Deconstructs is a little too strong, he’s saying the quality of the reporting to the FBI is too low to be sure, “[…] I don’t think one can say with any confidence that rifle murders are less common than blunt object murders.”