Hi Cap and Assault Weapons Ban Pass Committee in Illinois

This is fucking serious folks. This is moving fast. For those people saying this can’t be for real, it’s for fucking real. This is on the verge of passing the Senate. Illinois is on the verge of being the worst state in the nation to be a gun owner. We must bury them under an avalanche of phone calls, letters, and if necessary, make them swim in a sea of yellow. We can turn out those numbers. If this happens there, this play will be repeated elsewhere. None of us are safe.

UPDATE: More here:

MESSAGE FROM COMMITTEE DEMOCRATS:  “Eliminating law-abiding gun owners is a good ‘first step’ towards a ‘civil society.’”

Included at the link is good and proper action to take, and yes, sometimes it helps tremendously to THANK lawmakers who stay with us. Positive reinforcement.

This is very serious. We are at DEFCON 1 in Illinois, folks.

UPDATE: From a comment in another post:

There will be a floor vote on these issues as early as tomorrow.  HB1263 (assault weapons ban) and HB 815 (magazine ban) have been passed out of committee and will be brought to the floor for a general vote by tomorrow morning.  As written, the ban will outlaw not only most rifles and shotguns used for hunting and sporting purposes, but also most handguns used for home and self defense.  There is very little time to contact your legislators and express your outrage at this blatant gun grab.

This is truth. Act now.

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  1. IGOLD will be too late for these two bills. This is a bad sign of things to come.

      1. I was on the Illinois Senate website this morning and the committee didn’t even have this bill on the agenda/docket.

        1. That’s because they meant to fuck gun owners as hard as possible, by hook or by crook. Doing this above board would mean we’d have time to react and mobilize.

  2. What is the best way for a non Illinois resident to help out? Call every IL state Senator and Representative? E-mail them? I found phone numbers but didn’t see any email addresses.

      1. Aint gonna help with the media bias. Ive got life long friends who were NRA members, based on fales and biased reporting, the media has managed to make it vogue to hate the NRA and its now the new “in” thing.

        Think we all need to come together, put aside our differences and work as a team. NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO…etc

      2. got way too cocky“? Complacent, maybe (I’ve seen that in the one Illinois gun owning resident I know), but cocky? Can you give examples?

        And don’t you expect extreme backlash when all the Fudds in the state find their pump and semi-auto shotguns banned?

    1. That vote was really a personal middle finger to Quinn, because he tried to end-run around the entire congress with that AWB. An actual AWB, introduced and debated like any other normal bill, wouldn’t be nearly as lopsided.

  3. Petitions and phone calls don’t work anymore. They are ignoring everything. There are tons of stacked petitions that no one is paying attention to. It’s time to take it to the streets. People need to stand up or we’ll wake up one day SOON with military confiscation groups at our door!

    1. This is true, its something the media can not ignore (I hope) and thousands of people marching on the capitol will be our only viable solution.

  4. Open war is now inevitable. It is no longer a matter of if, only when. There is a hard reality to face – no one will escape the coming conflict. The choice we must all now face is to ignore the signs or accept the truth and prepare.

    The single greatest act of preparation is not the gathering of tools or the formulation of plans – rather, it is coming to terms the the inevitabilty of what must soon come and the understanding that you may actually have to act against friend and neighbor and the cold acceptance of that fact.


    I call upon all conservative supporters of the Second Amendment to stand up and take a solemn oath. From this day forward vow to never deliver a GUILTY verdict as the member of a jury sitting on the trial of anyone that fires a gun in defense of innocent victims.

    Furthermore, I challenge conservatives to spread this challenge on all forms of social media. Let this be the first step in a comprehensive effort to retake this nation from those that would enslave us in victimhood.

    Let every conservative go forward secure in the knowledge that should they have to exercise the gravest of all liberties they will have comrades within the halls of justice that shall stand for them where no other man can.

  5. My letter to several GOP members in Illinois’ house/senate:

    Sen Radogno,

    I am writing to urge you to oppose impending gun control measures in your upcoming “lame duck” session.

    I am not an Illinois voter, but I know several people who are registered to vote in Illinois and we have discussed this topic. I am an NRA member and I donate money to the NRA-ILA as well as to the Second Amendment Foundation. I have spent approximately $1K directly from retailers in your state in the last year.

    If Illinois decides it is necessary to ram through a gun control measure in the lame duck session, then I will return several hundred dollars of merchandise from Illinois companies, contact the companies headquartered in your state I do business with and inform them that my dollars will have to go elsewhere (Armalite, Rock River Arms, Jimmie John’s Sandwiches, Sears, Kraft, and McDonalds), and I will explain that I cannot in good conscience fund your state’s tax rolls due to extreme measures which clearly infringe on the rights of Americans living or traveling in Illinois.

    Thank you for your consideration. The tragedy in CT was an awful crime, but ramming through emotional legislation in a lame duck session is an inappropriate response.

    *Chris from AK* w/ mailing address

  6. From a strategic standpoint, however, it might not be such a bad thing if it ultimately passes. I’m not saying I want it to pass, far from it. I don’t think it’s the end of the world either. Bear with me here…

    First off, Illinois and Chicago in particular are well known to be some of the most corrupt places in the US (second only to DC). If they manage to ram this through, crime will undoubtedly go up in a quick and drastic manner. This gives us a microcosm to continue to use as an example. “They passed this ban and look at the all out war zone that has resulted. Do you really want this in the rest of the country?”

    We can contrast it to Detroit who, as it seems, is seeing a decrease in crime as a result of loosening their laws.

    In a perfect world, this wouldn’t even be on the table and Illinois would recognize the importance of the Second Amendment. On the other hand, Chicago seems to be in the same category I lump my ex wife in: the only reason for its existence is to serve as a warning to others.

      1. Disagree in part:

        A total ban on semi-autos and pumps will wake up some people.

        The resulting court cases will be clarifying, and at least in part probably win-win: we get some protection from these excesses or we realize the Federal courts are going to judicially nullify the 2nd Amendment, which again will wake up people.

    1. Once you lose it, you will never get it back. Doesn’t matter how much of a failure it is. We already have proof of that. Every anti-gun law passed has resulted in an increase in crime. All that does is make them double down on failure and come up with even more draconian laws. No losing here would be nothing but a bad thing.

  7. I live in Illinois and am getting ready to go to Springfield for the next day or two to see what I can do. My legislators are both on our side but I intend to visit the office of every legislator and let them know personally how opposed I am to this. If you learn of any rallies that may develop in Springfield or know of any way I can help in Springfield, let me know. I’m sending you an email with my cell phone number.

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  9. Something to mention to the Ill. congress critters is that much of this would surely fall in federal court and cost the Ill. state much money in defending it– specifically they just got smacked down over the carry ban, and Heller specifically protects handguns in common use.

    1. That’s actually not clear. With Obama in office for another 4 years and the Congressional Republicans showing no great taste for confronting him, by the time such a case reached the Supreme Court there could well be an anti-Heller majority, willing to pay lip service to it while ruling most anything the state does is allowed under the 2nd Amendment. So the state could easily spend a small amount of money by Illinois standards and win in the end.

  10. People in other states do not know the names of these criminals that are trying to pass bills that are UN-Constitutional. Their names should be posted all over the Internet before they leave office.

  11. Email, mail, and phone calls do not get the attention of politicians. The only thing that will get their attention is if you threaten their ability to get reelected. That is the only thing they care about. Not the people, constitution, the truth, the facts, or the future of this once great country.

    1. The only thing that will get their attention is if you threaten their ability to get reelected.

      “When I feel the heat, I see the light”, as Neal Knox liked to quote.

      But, despite the testimony from people like Bitter who interned in a Congressional office that Congresscritters do have their staff count who’s communicating for and against things, or e.g. something I just read about Illinois state house Senate staff making tally sheets of who called for and against the rush-rush bill to ban all semi-autos and pump shotguns, do you really believe what’s implied by saying these “do not get the attention of politicians“?

      It would sure appear that they do, at least to the extent they’re a proxy for the opposition and support they’re going to have come the next election. Especially since it’s widely known that gun owners have long memories, and the Democrats at least have stark object lessons in Speaker Foley going down in flames along with their Congressional majority in 1994, and Al Gore losing in 2000; the six year string of defeats seriously changed their tune at the national level on gun control.

      E.g. Obama doesn’t have another election to face, but Harry Reid, who we presume would like to remain Senate Majority leader after this session of the Congress, has been saying a whole lot of nothing about this frenzy of gun grabbing, despite the fact that his voting history makes it very clear he’s a gun grabber (who saw the light).

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