A Family that Joins NRA Together…

So it turns out that NRA memberships are the hottest gift of the holiday season – at least in my family. My mother bought my uncle a membership for his birthday today. In a completely separate conversation tonight, my brother asked me to send him a link to sign up. My mom is already a life member, so is everyone in our household. I don’t have a huge family, so this is now a pretty sizable percentage – all of whom vote in every major election.

People in my family who don’t normally concern themselves with Second Amendment issues are concerned about the kinds of proposals that have been discussed in the media. This doesn’t automatically mean that “we win” the debate. This means that we have some new allies. But those allies need to be informed of what’s going on and when we need them to contact their elected representatives.

For those of you looking for extremely last minute gifts, NRA gift memberships are sold online. :)

4 thoughts on “A Family that Joins NRA Together…”

  1. Merry Christmas !!

    I just read this and found it brilliant. The reason is it so brilliant is I did it also.

    I got someone a 2 year for 50 gift membership. I had to make sure they weren’t already a member, and had to do some checking with their wife.

  2. FYI–at least for me, your guys’ top banner add spot is currently a call to sign some anti-gun petition by MAIG! Not sure how those ads are chosen for any particular site…

    Oh, and have a Merry Christmas!

  3. The Assault Weapon talk is waking up alot of fence sitters, my oldest son just yesterday was asking me about it, and he’s the one who has always made it a point to ignore politics!
    I might be able to get him to vote yet!

  4. My dad, mom, and sister- who are not gun people at all- all think more laws wouldn’t help. Of course my dad is a history teacher and he understands the purpose of the Second Amendment.

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