Another White House Petition

Deport Piers Morgan! It’s probably outside of the President’s power to do, but you have to agree with the sentiment.

UPDATE: OK, the Morgan petition obviously isn’t a serious policy proposal, but this is.

15 Responses to “Another White House Petition”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    Hey, I signed it anyway!!

    Although I must add, I have never watched his show.

  2. Harold says:

    I’ve certainly gotten the impression that the Executive has a lot of discretion as to who they let legally come into and stay in the US.

    Not that we should deport someone who makes his side look so bad ^_^.

  3. KM says:

    No need for deportation.
    I’d settle for bow to stern keelhauling on a moving aircraft carrier.

  4. Broken Andy says:

    Why dignify the white house petition site with a response? Those things are absolutely meaningless.

    • Sebastian says:

      Because it shows organization and passion on the part of people who care about the issue.

      • Broken Andy says:

        Really? A petition to deport Morgan sounds petty. And I’m not sure who you think you are showing what, but I doubt any Congress critters pay attention to that site and it is more than obvious that the POTUS doesn’t.

        Shouldn’t we reserve our actions for more meaningful protest?

        • Sebastian says:

          A petty petition for a petty man. It doesn’t take a whole lot to sign a petition… if you already have an account with the White House.

          • Broken Andy says:

            Seriously, is this how we want to be seen: trying to get a man deported for the simple act of disagreeing with us? Don’t we hate it when the anti-gunners deny us our say? I do not see this as a proud moment.

            • Sebastian says:

              I don’t think anyone means that to be a serious policy proposal. As I said, it’s beyond the President’s power.

              • Ian Argent says:

                Standing outside his house with a sandwich board reading “Piers Morgan go home!” is one thing, threatening to use government power to rid the country of him is another.

              • Harold says:

                Lawyer David Hardy, who used to work for the Interior Department, wonderswhy the pitch for signing omits the strongest reason: ‘pontificating, underinformed, supercilious twit, whose arrival here was in violation of the legal prohibitions against importing foreign insect pests.’

          • Ian Argent says:

            Have to agree with Broken Andy here – awful close to a Bill of Attainder

          • Dannytheman says:


  5. Dannytheman says:

    It is already over!! lol