Petition to Impeach Mayor Nutter

Someone started a petition to Impeach the Mayor of Philadelphia for passing the gun control ordinances.  I fully agree with the sentiment here, but since City Council is the body to carry out the proceedings, and they are complicit in passing the bill, I doubt this is going to go anywhere.  Also, I would advise anyone starting a petition to make sure they are using the proper spelling of the words “advice” and “break.”   I normally hate to be the spell check guy, but it kind of stood out.

3 thoughts on “Petition to Impeach Mayor Nutter”

  1. Petitions to impeach Mayor Nutter aren’t going to go anywhere. What they should do is petition Harrisburg to make Philadelphia foot the bill for the legal proceedings of yet another Supreme Court ruling that will most surely strike down the new laws.

    I highly doubt Philadelphia is in the financial position to essentially double their legal bills for this case.

  2. “I normally hate to be the spell check guy, but it kind of stood out.”

    Yeah, that’s my job.

  3. Mayor Nutter has really not been good for Philadelphia. He’s closing our Libraries! Did you hear the very latest – Can you believe that Philadelphia’s 108 year old tradition – the Mummers Parade – is in jeopardy!

    After all these years, the City of Philadelphia (NUTTER) has withdrawn support for the Parade: all prize money has been taken away and the City is now demanding payment FROM the Mummers for things like police and sanitation employees.

    At a minimum, the Mummers are in the hole for $400,000! This is almost $50,000 for City services, and $355,000 for the cut in City funding, including prize money and a modest subsidy for the Mummers Museum.

    We need to get rid of Mayor Nutter NOW!

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