Pennsylvania Carry Permits Surge Along with Gun Sales

I find it amazing that anti-gun groups still try to use the line that the only people lining up to buy guns are people who already own guns. If that was the case, we wouldn’t see the same surges in something like concealed carry permits that aren’t something you buy multiples of in your home state. Gun sales and permits in the Keystone State are surging in the last few days.

Joe Staudt of Staudt’s Gun Shop in Harrisburg was sold out of his usually large stock of AK-47 and AR-15 semi-automatic weapons by Wednesday. … The store Staudt opened in the spring of 2011 had record sales Monday, but Tuesday “is now our new record day,” he said. …

At Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield, which bills itself as Pennsylvania’s largest gun shop, the phone was busy much of the day. A recording asked callers to be patient and said the store was swamped because of the holiday season and “the recent gun-ban rhetoric.”

The article notes that the surge isn’t just for guns, but concealed carry licenses, too. They report that applications are up all over the state. They interviewed the Greene County Sheriff who reported that their previous record was to process 110 applications in one month. Yesterday alone, they had 40 applications in hand hours before close of business. He reportedly told the reporter that as people drop them off, they pick up new applications for friends and family who are convinced to get a permit, too.

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6 Responses to “Pennsylvania Carry Permits Surge Along with Gun Sales”

  1. Russ says:

    Glad I’ve had mine for a while. Also, try to find AR magazines anywhere. All gone.

  2. alcade says:

    It will be interesting to see how many angry NRA members resign in protest after they announce their (presumable) opposition to the renewed AWB on Friday… since, after all, according to the anti’s polling data even NRA members are in favor of strict gun control.

    • Harold says:

      Or conversely, how many drop their memberships if they wave the white flag.

      Me, I’ll cut half the time off my personal 10 year waiting period for becoming a member, that is, they’ve got to go 10 years without trying to screw us. Last time was the 2007 post-VT “Veterans Disarmament Act”, this time, there seem to be 3 explanations for the wording of their Tuesday announcement: offer to help train and arm teachers and/or administrators (and/or I suppose help to improve the amended Gun-Free School Zones Act), it’s a ploy to get more coverage of the press conference (Sebastian came up with that), or set themselves up for another Cincinnati Revolt. Except of course they’ve changed the by-laws so that can’t happen again….

      • Jeff says:

        I’ve said elsewhere and I’ll repeat it here, that if they come out on Friday without offering any bullshit “compromise” that further erodes our rights, I’ll upgrade to the next life membership level. Of course, the sale on that seems to have expired, so it’ll take me a bit longer.

    • Patrick H says:

      Its amazing reading comments on CNN and Politico, and the ilk. Their beliefs force them to think that the gun lobby and the NRA is the one keeping gun control laws from being passed. And they only care about profits and more guns, and if their members would just step up and talk they’d be done. Don’t they realize that its an annual membership fee, and if they really didn’t agree, they’d stop paying?


  3. unclezip says:

    The missive in the mail will be: “You are hereby ordered by the Attorney General of the United States, under law yadayadayada, to turn in your recently purchased weapon to the nearest law enforcement agency no later than 30 days from receipt of this notice. Failure to do so will result in your door being kicked down, your dog shot, and incarceration of everyone in the residence.”


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