Winning in the Culture

The Washington Post is holding a holiday crafts contest, and 7 entries made it to the finals out of 166 submitted. One of those entries is probably the best shotgun shell wreath I have ever seen.

The paper is accepting reader votes for the winner. You know what that means. Go vote.

Help the gun culture win in the popular culture. For what it’s worth, their caption on this project in the photo gallery is straightforward with no commentary. They just note the woman who made the wreaths collected spent shells on the sporting clays course of the hunting preserve she owns.

This isn’t the only moment of “we’re winning” the culture wars of accepting lawful gun ownership I’ve spotted lately. I was perusing the list of top selling Kitchen gadgets on Amazon the other day, and one of the biggest sellers (#25 at the time) was for a handgun-shaped ice cube tray. One of the next big sellers in the novelty kitchen gadgets was for the ice cube tray shaped like ammunition rounds.

Now we just need to translate that culture war winning into more measurable political and legal wins.

8 Responses to “Winning in the Culture”

  1. beatbox says:

    Until recently, owning such a wreath in DC would be illegal unless you also had a shotgun of the same gauge registered.

  2. Countertop says:

    I believe it is still illegal in DC (good thing I discovered the two shells of 3″ 12 guage buckshot in my jacket pocket outside of DC tonight).

  3. The Complementary Spouse is already trying to figure out how to replicate that wreath. I may be doing a bit of shotgunning this winter and spring!

    • Bitter says:

      She’s not the only one! I definitely blew up the screen on the WaPo photo gallery to full screen to see if I could see more detail.

      I already have a wine cork wreath, I feel like this would be a wonderful addition. :)

  4. Zermoid says:


    Sadly I keep thinking “all those perfectly good hulls, wasted”, but that’s probably just me being addicted to reloading talking.

    I’m the guy who picks up other people’s empty brass and hulls left at the range and in the field, I once went out deer hunting and found ~30 rounds of 30-30 brass that someone must have left while sighting in just before deer season. Even though I didn’t get a deer I still came home ridiculously happy!

    • Bitter says:

      It not like there aren’t plenty more to be reloaded. :) I’m not about to criticize since I do have several strings of shotgun shell Christmas lights.