Reforming the TSA

I have been boycotting the airlines for a number of years. I used to fly once or twice a year prior to this, but currently, unless I am required to for business, I have no plans to ever get on a commercial aircraft again until the gropings and nude-o-scope screening stops. This is a big country to have to drive our way around in, but least my 4th Amendment rights are only bruised up a bit on the highways, instead of being beat to a pulp and crapped on like they are with the TSA.

Volokh points to a position paper by the Consumer Travel Alliance. Personally, I’d rather just get rid of TSA, and go back to airport security being privately run (9/11, after all, was not an airport security failure), but if the powers that be won’t possibly consider that, I’d find most of the CTA positions strong enough that I’d stop boycotting commercial air travel.

4 thoughts on “Reforming the TSA”

  1. I am with you. I drive to places now, when I used to fly. Pittsburgh, Boston? I drive on off hours.
    I drive to South Carolina, and spend an entire 10 hours getting there to avoid flying. So I am with you.

    1. I drove to St. Louis last year, and with Bitter’s mom in Nashville now, we’ll be driving there frequently too. NRA is in Houston in 2013, which is a hike, but with her mom in Nashville now, I think we will drive, and her mom is about half way there.

      I took one business trip up to Boston since the gropings began. Took the Acela, and thought it was pleasant. The WiFi was very helpful.

      1. Houston is a haul, but 2 of you to drive it should help. I’ve driven to Houston and it’s a pretty drive down by Ruby Falls and the mountains there.
        I took the Acela once, on an upgrade, it was relaxing and a good choose. But Amtraks gun policy makes me drive.

  2. I agree- their proposals would end my boycott as well.

    I drive down to Charlotte three times a year (which is a nice drive anyway). I took the train down to Tampa- which was fun. I’d do that again.

    It sucks though because I LOVE flying (and I’m working on my pilot’s license right now).

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